All iPhone 4 Sold Out Across China!?

iphone 4 8gb china picture,iphone 4s launch chinaI wanted to write ‘All iPhone 4’s Sold Out Across China!?’ but the ‘S’ is quite confusing and those of us living in China haven’t had an official launch of iPhone 4S!

As people queued up and fought in line on the 11th November in Hong Kong to get the new iPhone 4S, people living in China were patiently waiting for the 8GB iPhone 4 to arrive, but it didn’t!

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The iPhone 4 8GB is the only official iPhone 4 currently listed as for sale in China, but the bargain iPhone 4 (3999 Yuan) is no where to be seen!

A few China Unicom stores in Beijing managed to get very limited quantities of the 8GB iPhone, but many store across China have had iPhone 4 stock completely dry up!

There is no word from Apple about when the 8GB iPhone 4 will be on sale again, but don’t expect stores to have them for long when they finally launch!

Via: Penn-Olson

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