1GB JiaYu G4 could be scrapped! G6 phablet and G10 tablet making an appearance!

Everyone has recovered after the Chinese New Year break, and the news is rolling in thick and fast as JiaYu have revealed pricing details of their upcoming phones and a possible tablet!

A move at JiaYu looks to be in favour of dumping plans for the low-cost 1GB RAM JiaYu G4 at 999 Yuan ($160) as some are worried it would canalise sales of the JiaYui G2 and JiaYu G3.

Instead it looks like the 1GB version could be scraped and only the 2GB RAM model will be launched, but with no solid launch date we are guessing as to when!

In addition the the G4 pricing details, JiaYu have also commented on the price of the JiaYu G5, a 4.5-inch iPhone 5 replica running Android on a quad-core processor, the JiaYu G6, which is expected to be a phablet with stylus and a tablet named the JiaYu G10!

The G5 will go on sale for 1099 Yuan ($176), the G6 at 1199 Yuan ($192) and the G10 tablet at 1599 Yuan ($256)!

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