iOcean X7 “Youth” will be priced at $160 with 2000mAh battery

The iOcean X7 “Youth” version is to go on sale at 999 Yuan ($160 at launch, which suggests the full-blown X7 will cost slightly more. Are there any real differences though?

iOcean have decided to follow the ways of many Chinese phone makers and will offer a low-cost version of the flagship X7. This youth version will receive the same design, and overall similar spec, but with just a few downgrades to keep costs low.

Originally it was thought that the X7 would cost 999 Yuan ($160) while the “Youth Version” would be slightly less, this now doesn’t seem to be the case, and the cheaper model go on sale for $160. But, is this really room for concern?

From what we are hearing from iOcean, the differences between the X7 and X7 youth seem be concentrated on the camera, battery and RAM alone. The X7 youth will receive a 8 mega-pixel rear camera, 2000mAh battery and 1GB RAM, while the regular X7 will have a 13 mega-pixel camera, 3000mAh battery and 2GB RAM.

The only concern we have here is the amount of RAM, as the chances the Youth model will accept the larger battery are quite high, and from what we have seen, there is very little difference between most 13 mega-pixel and 8 mega-pixel phones currently on the market.

As for the price of the flagship X7, they have yet to be confirmed, but we thing between 1299 Yuan and 1499 Yuan seems like the price point they will be aiming at.

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Is 1GB RAM enough for a 5-inch 1080HD phone, or do you need the full 2GB? Let us know in the comments section below!

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