ZTE Grand Memo doesn’t have Snapdragon 800, demo units only 1GB RAM!

It looks like someone at ZTE will be job hunting after the Mobile World Congress, as the press event for the Grand Memo has turned out to be an utter shambles!

According to ZTE’s press release and launch notes, the newly launched 5.7-inch ZTE Grand S boasts the new Snapdragon 800 CPU. That’s quite a big deal as that would make the ZTE phablet the first device to make use of the new quad-core chip! As it turns out though, this is not the case!

Apparently the ZTE Grand Memo will officially use the Snapdragon 600. This is a mighy fine chip, and should offer users great performance, but those who have managed to get hands on time with the Grand Memo at MWC aren’t getting the Snapdragon 600 experience! To throw a twist on the whole episode, the ZTE Grand S demo phones are running Snapdragon S4 processor, but there’s more! They only have 1GB RAM instead of the claimed 2GB!

WTF ZTE!!! If all of this is a little confusing it’s because it is, but it appears the phones at the show a pre-production samples, and retail versions will in fact use the 600 CPU and 2GB RAM!

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