Neo T001 is a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini clone for just $65!

Neo have taken some time away from their flagship N003 to announce a new entry-level phone named the Neo T001 which looks a lot like a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini clone!

Priced at just 399 Yuan ($65) the Neo T001 doesn’t pack a quad-core CPU, or high-resolution display, but it does offer great value for money! A dual-core MT6517 (a slightly modified version of the popular MT6577) resides inside the glossy white body and bring dual-sim support to the low-cost phone.

The 1Ghz MTK processor has 512mb RAM to power things, and while this low-spec may look a little dated and underpowered they really don’t have to do much thanks to the 4-inch WVGA display (480 x 800 resolution).

Front 0.3 mega-pixel camera, rear 5 mega-pixel sensor and a 1500mAh battery finish the package off.

Overall the Neo T001 looks like an excellent value for money phone, and it’s Samsung Galaxy Mini looks certainly don’t hurt! What do you guy’s think?

[ Souce ]
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