First round of iOcean X7 pre-orders ends

iOcean have closed the first round of pre-orders for the 5-inch, 1080 iOcean X7 Android phone.

Pre-orders and pre-sale lotteries are a common way for Chinese phone makers to drum up enough hype, and custom while allowing them to sell only a handful of smartphones at a time. This method was first employed by Beijing based Xiaomi back in 2011, and is now used by hundreds of domestic manufacturers include Jiayu, Neo, Newman, Oppo, and iOcean.

The pre-orders for the ‘Youth’ version of the iOcean X7 finished today, and although we don’t know how many were on offer it’s safe to say all available phones have found a home and then some!

Customers who successfully ordered the quad-core, 1080HD phone can look forward to them arriving in April.

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