Xiaomi’s latest product unboxed! Xiaomi shoes!?

Apple fanboys and Android diehards aren’t a patch on Xiaomi fans, who have embraced the phone brand so much a whole range of fashion accessories are available including shoes!!

If you haven’t been to the official Xiaomi mall, then you should definitely take a peek the next time you have 5 minutes spare. The site is the only official place you can buy the Beijing based start-up’s phones, and is also home to a wonderful range of accessories from chargers and covers, to radio control cars and camera mounted tanks!

Behind all the usual products though are some items which only the true Xiaomi fan would strive to own!

Xiaomi branded backpacks, shirts, couples T-shirts and now even Xiaomi “Fashion Canvas Shoes”. What’s more incredible than fans actually buying and wearing Xiaomi clothing are the prices which you can buy it all for!

A T-shirt costs just 39 Yuan ($6) and shoes are just 99 Yuan ($15), thats a lot cheaper than most Chinese are expected to pay for big brand clothing from Nike, or even domestic sports brand Li-Ning who offer similar foot ware for 400 Yuan ($64).

So how may of you would buy a pair of JiaYu shoes 😉

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