Neo N003 Full specifications, pricing, launch confirmed! Better than the UMi X2?

Neo N003 Full specifications, pricing, launch confirmed! Better than the UMi X2?


Neo have been less forthcoming and more secretive about their flagship Neo N003, but today we can confirm the full specifications details and pricing for both the Youth and Premium models!

After a quick chat with our sources at Neo last week, we broke news that the Neo N003 would launch as the worlds’ cheapest 1080 HD Android phone. The news spread like wildfire across the web with talk of this low-price, high specification Chinese phone.

Although we were given the details from a reliable source, we did find the idea of an 899 Yuan ($144) 1080hd, quad-core phone hard to stomach, but thankfully Neo have come through and have once again confirmed that our info is true!

neo n003 1080 quad core

Neo have also confirmed that the N003 will will come in both a ‘Youth’ and ‘Premium’ version like the JiaYu G4 and iOcean X7, but the only differences between the 2 phones are the amount of RAM, memory, front camera and price! The Neo N003 ‘Youth’ will pack 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, where as the ‘Premium’ version of the phone will receive 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

Neo N003 full specifications

 Neo N003 YouthNeo N003 Premium
Screen Size and resolution5-inch
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1080
Screen specificationsCorning Gorilla Glass 2
Can be used with gloves
Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Can be used with gloves
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2 Jelly BeanAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean
CPUMediatek 1.2Ghz MT6589 quad-coreMediatek 1.2Ghz MT6589 quad-core
CamerasFront: 0.3 mega-pixel
Rear: Sony 13 mega-pixel
Front: 3 mega-pixel
Rear: Sony 13 mega-pixel
Yamaha speakers
Noise reduction
Includes headphones, charger,USB wire
Yamaha speakers
Noise reduction
Includes headphones, charger,USB wire
Release dateApril 2013April 2013
Price 899 Yuan ($144)1299 Yuan ($204)

Both versions of the Neo N003 will go officially launch in April with prices starting at 899 Yuan ($144) for the ‘Youth’ and rising to 1299 Yuan ($208) for the premium!

neo n003 launch date

Now with the hardware of the Neo N003 confirmed we imagine a lot of UMi X2 customers might be swayed by the high specification and lower price. How about you?

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  • Xiaolu


    Sorry, this is pretty mind-blowing!

  • Mr.Bright

    Wow this is truelly great phone for an amazing price.
    Andi i wanted to ask if you know of any pkace to acquire the Lenovo K900? thanks in advance.

  • wow looks interesting.did neophones get official updates?

  • XrainX

    The only thing I see so bad is the front camera: just 0.3MP??? Please, Neo, come on, you can’t kill a smartphone with such camera. I know the price is low, but better use in front at least 2MP even using on rear some good quality 8MP or another 13MP even not Sony.

    Compared with other smartphones, amazing are:
    – Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    – OTG
    – HDMI
    – Yamaha speakers
    – Sony camera

    • sean

      I think there is a mistake, The Youth version has also 3MP front camera.

    • Houtaou

      that’s a minor downside… most people never uses the front camera.

    • dude- who gives a f**k for the camera with d rest of d specs 😀
      bring it on!!!

  • Rob

    Very, very interesting.

  • XrainX

    Is it Dual Sim?
    If yes, is Dual SIm Active or just Standby?

  • Norman Zakaria

    Holy shit im starting to think of buying this phone instead of Jiayu G4.. Specs r same or even better than Jiayu G4 and the best part is it has an official launch date..


    I’ll keep waiting for the Jiayu G4. But if the launch of Neo n003 comes first and the international sellers sell it cheaper than my budget, I might consider this phone..

    • Lola

      me too 😀
      plus have you notice how the design is very similar to the G4 i mean for that price and that specs it kinda makes you at least consider

  • sean

    Neo N003 is my 1st choice as I’ve stated in the early G4 vs X7 vs N003 poll. I understand that Neo has also enlisted Lewa to develop the ROM.

  • preorder at aliexpress start from ~$350

    • anon

      As always early on aliexpress.

    • anon

      This is the phone when you bred the best of both Umi X2 and Jiayu G4, and then some.

      Now let’s see if it will really live up to that promise.

    • Eli

      the phones on aliexpress anre not Neo N003, they have a 1280×720 instead of 1920×1080

  • basyvava

    I did not see an official launch date, just the word ‘April’ chunked in the article… Come on we need these quad core babies out now!!!!

    • April

      well, I just check the Neo mobile official website, they’ll publish neo 003 on august 1st , however they just sale 1000 neo 003 on that day . it’s said neo 003 is more powerful than xiaomi 2s.

  • Abir

    Sounds too good to be true if you ask me, but will all boil down to build quality, after sales stuff such as updates in relation to JIayu and UMI I guess. But I like that fact that all chinese manufacturers are now offering more on board storage. 🙂

  • Whyzor

    I can’t help but think a lot of these manufacturers want to get the rumor/marketing machine going early so people hold off or pre-order their phones, even when they know it could be delayed due to shortages or longer testing than expected periods.

    • anon

      That’s probably the case, come april and I doubt we’d even see this phone instore save for some “spy shots”.

  • the only downside. and for me – deciding. it’s very big.
    152 x 77 x 10mm

    • Really is it that big???

    • anon

      Source please, those aliexpress sellers can’t be trusted for specs.

    • Whyzor

      Those dimensions can’t be right, it’s only a 5″ screen and proportionally about the same as UMI X2 & Jiayu G4, so dimensions should be about the same.

  • Sir, is there any chance of this phone being launched in India? And how come it is better than UMIx2. I can see it has sony camera as mentioned.

  • I hope these phones dont make fool of customers by delaying to May, June or even 2014???

  • Hendrik

    Something like this including LTE would be damn nice. Is there any announced?

    Thanks 🙂

  • RedVultures

    This phone will be mine:) Was suprised how good the Neo N002 was excluding the camera(my first china phone)

  • Abi

    What are the phone measurements Andi?

  • Anuj

    Hey Andi is it coming to India…Please confirm..!

    • No confirmation yet

  • Anthony

    Andi the gpu is powervr sgx 544 like other 6589 phones?
    how is it possible that neo offers usb otg and mhl and others not? is there a difference in hardware? Is the support of the above sure?

  • Anthony

    these are the old benchmarks of neo n003

    the cpu part is ok, the gpu part is SLOW, maybe it uses another gpu so as to offer hdmi etc?

    • thesniper321

      lol those benchmarks have been proven to be false since ages XD XD

  • kiro

    is this dualsim?

  • Irfan

    Awesome specs…but cruelty to its competitors in case of pricing. Really like it…

  • wow his is pretty mindblowing!

  • is it coming to INDIA

    • No idea yet


        what is the official site of neo 003??? where can i buy to start price????

  • Make it waterproof and I will buy 2 of this!!! 😛

    • anon

      Go search about Liquipel. Best chance we have to get these kind of chinese phone to be waterfproof.

    • Arthur LeRoy

      @Professor Yeow
      and when was the last time you took a shower with your phone?
      redundant features like this will only make the price go up 😉

      • anon

        I just did a few times this week, sudden shower on sunny days isn’t really a rare occurrence here on tropical country.

        Don’t assume that every people have exact same situation and condition like you.

  • Andy, Do you have info if the Neo N003 is a dual SIM phone or not?

    • Yes, I am pretty sure it is. I will double check though

  • Zar

    Great work,Andi.Do u know if it supports the UMTS 900 band?

  • JCS

    Do you more informations when it will be released?
    Who is the fabricant?

  • Nice Job Andi.
    Will this superb phone available in pakistan??? If yes what will be the price?? Or is there any way to buy from China ???

  • Wow…kinda impressive…but I think I’ll wait a little more for Jiayu S1. By the way, no news about it?

  • wolf

    It is incredible! The hardware specs are too good and the price is too low. Is it true? I think isn’t really true.
    I’m looking for Neo smartphone’s official website? Can you help me?
    Where can I download official firmware update?
    Is it Neo a really brand or is it a rebrand of … ?

  • Me apunto con el Premium 😀

  • jirka

    bude v telefonu český jazyk?

  • wolf

    Thank you very much!

    Neo have a official website, this is a good news.

    Can you tell me also where to buy Neo N003 in April after the launch?

  • Teddy

    Omg, I am really confused, I am on a budget and really confused as to which phone I should buy. I definitely cannot waste 600euro on a SG4 and thus I am torn between JiaYu G4, Iocean X7 premium and neo n003 premium. Which one would you recommend me? Which brand updates on time also. I used to think about buying umi 2x but its really ugly for me.

  • Cooper

    no one said it but all Neo phones are NOT gsm quad band, they only work with 900/1800Mhz

  • Anon

    The Neo N003 Youth will have a front camera of 3 MP:
    摄像头:后置索尼1300万 前置300万 : Youth Version
    摄像头:后置索尼1300万 前置300万 : Premium Version
    Both Versions will have the same camera :3

  • haniel

    im just wondering andi, whats ur opinion on these 1080 phones that goes around for $150-$250
    vs an iphone 4s?
    hope u reply thanks

    • I use a 4.3-inch 720 Xiaomi mi2 which blows my old iPhone 4S away and makes the iPhone 5 look ancient. A 1080 phone will be so much better!

  • alexei_gp

    If i buy this phone can i use it on México? In México have GSM band 850/1900

    Another question Bluetooth version on this phone?

  • Teddy

    I have heard that MTK 6589 has problems running 1080. Is this true?

    • mmwahh, if I look at hardware, of course you can’t really get you hopes to high, but I think the only problem will come with great 3d games. But from youtube and reviews you will see that the UI and video’s will run smooth,
      But the price performance ratio knocks whole the market out of it’s sockets……;)

  • Sachin

    I want to purchase this phone for me and for my better half. So pls let me update from where i can buy or book this fantastic phablet…

  • Dave R

    Hey Andi, thanks so much for keeping the news coming!

    I have two questions: first will this phone work on T-mobile in the US, and second what sites are reliable to purchase it from? This would be my first chinese phone and I am really excited:)

  • AnCuRo

    hello, where I can buy it or order it?

    thanks ^ ^

  • amazing phone it’s true ?

  • MH Ananda

    What about its sound quality?

  • Eumar de Jesus

    If Im in Canada, how could i do to buy it? or order it?

  • IQbal

    i hope this is not an april mop things..

  • Yekoid

    WHAT ABOUT microSD SLOT???

  • randy

    bands? will this work on 3g in the us? anyone?


    This phone will be launch in india ………when ….plz tell me…I want to buy it….

  • murray

    I have seen new specs on neomobile that claim final specs are only 720p ,however thats using google translate but does look like a lot of complaints in the threads can anyone else confirm?

  • aslam

    Neither Umi X2 nor NEO full HD phones have got real existance………just creating rumours….exploiting customers data MB….MOST precious time in reading these fake articles on net

  • Mik

    The specs haven been changed its got MTK6589T now and the basic model got only 4GB ROM, no gorilla glass for both models.
    WCDMA 2100 only, GSM 900, 1800 only bit disappointing.

  • April

    well that’s really anoyying we’ve been waited for a long time , Neo company always to delay release the neo n003, nobody know the reason! I just find a post , it’s about why neo company always delay release the neo n003 :

  • Kris

    Hello, I have got the premium version couple of days now, and want to buy silicon case to protect my phone, but on aliexpress its ” not available anymore ” . Wtf this is new phone, and already they do not make accesories anymore?
    I need this, who knows where to buy?

    • oussama

      hello i found one on aliexpress with 8$ just search neo silicon case you will found it

  • CricriS

    Hi Andi,

    Is the battery really 3000mAh?
    I got my Neo N003 a week ago and I checked the battery (marked as 3000mAh) with the Battery Monitor Widget app.
    It says the battery has only 1500mAh.
    Could you test that too?

    Best regards,

    • Kris

      Hello, i have this phone couple of weeks now, and the battery lasts 2 days, the jiayu g2 with 1800 mah that i used before the Neo did 1 day so the 3000mah seems to be right .