Video: JiaYu G4 gaming test video!

Video: JiaYu G4 gaming test video!


Another hands on video with the quad-core JiaYu G4. The video below shows the new Chinese smartphone running a number of games ranging from Temple Run 2 to the more challenging Modern Combat games!

In the past we have read the JiaYu G4 specs: 1.2Ghz quad-core,1-2GB RAM, and have seen leaked Antutu benchmarks of almost 13,000, but these details can never really give us a true indication of how a Android device will handle real world application.

The JiaYu G4 does perform admirably though, as can be seen in the JiaYu G4 gaming test video below. In the video we get to see just how well Mediatek’s quad-core MT6589 processor handles games such as Modern Combat and Temple Run 2.

From what we can see the G4 is more than up to the job of gaming and offers excellent on-screen control as well as an accurate gyroscopic sensor.

Watch the JiaYu G4 Gaming Video

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  • so Xiaomi M2 is better than this one?

    • anon

      At almost twice the price for most international buyer. Yes.

  • Is it me, or during modern combat, the gyroscope seems inverted? i.e. When the turns the phone right, the character turns left, and vice versa?

    • Norman Zakaria

      That is a setting in the game, u can change it

  • Camaman

    Works nicely!

    I must say I don’t dig the silver screen edge!
    Stealth black would have looked nicer.

    • yeah… me too, i’m thinking its would be awwsome if they put stealth black on black premium models it would be awwsome…. @[email protected]

    • fmavrin


      It looks cheap, I really liked the full black front in the leaked photos.

  • Sean

    Can anyone recommend a reliable site where you can preorder the 2gb version of this phone

  • Aeonia

    @Abbie ….I am surprised that even the jiayu g4 i not able to play this game on highest settings…if it was, on the loading screen there would be particles moving and in the games a lot of lens flares,water effects, more planes, antialiasing, and other eye candy stuff….luckily enough, there’s a crack to force enable all this…I will try it as soon as i get my android…soon