Video: JiaYu G4 Gorilla Glass strength test!

Video: JiaYu G4 Gorilla Glass strength test!


“Does the JiaYu G4 really have a Gorilla Glass display?” Is an all to common question here at Gizchina. To put your minds at ease JiaYu have released this video of the JiaYu G4 testing the strength and scratch resistant properties of the G4’s screen.

The video below shows an engineering prototype unit of the JiaYu G4 going through some rather nasty tests including a drop to a tiled floor and being used as a makeshift cutting board!

Thankfully the JiaYu G4 survives unscathed while look rather classy in the process!

Watch the JiaYu G4 Gorilla Glass test video here:

The JiaYu G4 looks on schedule to be released in April, we are just waiting for an official launch date, but from the signals we are getting, the long wait is almost over!

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  • RobertNL

    The drop test was good, should be nice to know from which height it was dropped (and still its seems to be a lottery when it comes to falling :P).
    The test with metal is quite useless. On Mohs scale of hardness glass has 7 points’ where metal got 4-5 points ojn the scale of Mohs. Sand on the other hand is a killer as it got about the same or a higher hardness as the glass and so will scratch is.

    • Marius

      Rober you’re right of course but I’ve seen steel manage to scratch cell phone screens, at least the cheap ones.
      It probably won’t resist sand o quartz but I think it’s less likely your phone will get sand rubbed against its touchscreen. It’s more likely people will put it with their keys in their pocket though.
      Of course if you girlfriend manages to rub her diamond ring (even if it’s a fake diamond) against the touchscreen you’re screwed 😀

      • anon

        ” I think it’s less likely your phone will get sand rubbed against its touchscreen.”

        A day on a beach or construction site will do it easily. Don’t assume.

  • XrainX

    That was a weak test. Search on youtube for “smartphone hammering nails” and you will see there real screen tests.
    The only thing which was interesting in this JiaYu video is that was a fat cat. 😉

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  • Kaptain

    i dont care about review from jiayu corp.

    just release it please ………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shay

    What is the best phone (Smartphone) under 200$ less or more ? (everything is an option Chinese and etc)
    Thank you and best regards fan

    • Shay

      upcoming smartphones aswell that will come until may

  • reddy

    who cares. you got to be crazy not to use screen protector …next story!

    • anon

      With that kind of glass YOU’re the one who got to be crazy for using redundant shit like glass protector.

  • ark

    Who think that those porks pieces came from the river next to jiayu factory ??

  • Michael

    We know that G4 will be a VFM phone, but we need a date to buy!