JiaYu G4 delayed? Launch now expected in May!

Reports are coming in from concerned JiaYu fans over a possible JiaYu G4 delay! So what is going on and when will the JiaYu G4 finally launch?

This weekend numerous online resellers posted that JiaYu have delayed the launch of the JiaYu G4 and that the quad-core phone will now launch mid-May. The reports claim that an issue with the JiaYu G4’s 13 mega-pixel rear camera is to blame, but is this really the case?

JiaYu never actually confirmed that the G4 was scheduled for an April launch. The rumours have always been there and online resellers have claimed that this is the case, but JiaYu didn’t actually confirm an April launch. What’s more we haven’t seen any posts on the JiaYu forum letting fans no of a problem or delay as they normally would.

We have reached out to JiaYu for a comment and they have confirmed that the JiaYu G4 will enter mass production in May with samples heading out for review in April. They have remained silent as to if this is a delay due to camera issues or if this was their planned schedule all along.

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