Leaked image claims to be 0.2mm Oppo Find 7!

Chinese phone makers are in a constant battle to release the worlds thinnest phone, but if this leaked image of the Oppo Find 7 is to believed they might all just give up now as Oppo have them beat!

Just giving the above image a passing glance and you would likely think that this is just the front of an Oppo Find 5, however take a closer look and you will see that it is extremely thin!

oppo find 7

According to the comment attached to the image when found on Weibo, the phone measures just 0.2mm and is practically just a screen. In fact that’s probably exactly what this image is of, the front screen assembly of the Find 5! However, whatever Oppo are working on for the Oppo Find 7 we can rest assured it’s going to be pretty amazing!

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