Oppo Find 5 price reduced to $450

The popular Oppo Find 5 has received a price cut on China’s popular 360buy website.

The Find 5 can now be bought for the lower price of just 2798 Yuan ($450) for the 16GB model of the 5-inch phone in either original white or in all new black. As the offer is being help by 360buy, we don’t expect the international version of the Find 5 to see the same discount, however it does appear the phone is now easily available through a number of online resellers are the correct RRP.

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The Oppo Find 5 launched at the end of last year as one of the world’s first quad-core, 1080 HD phones and has since received great reviews and praised by many reviewers as one of the best Android phones money can buy!

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  1. XrainX
    April 15, 2013

    The bigger the price of a smartphone, the lower number of comments here on GizChina.
    Seems that people which want any smartphones except iPhione or Samsung want prices under $200. Chinese brands must think more about this.

    Post something about a $100 quad-core smartphone and you will see the comments. 😉

    You can verify my words.
    And the chinese companies must to, even I am “nobody” on some internet page.

    • Inkflow
      April 16, 2013

      You are certainly right. This is probably where the smartphones market will go to in the next years. BTW, of all companies, Apple should be worried the most.

      I think it’s already the common consensus.

      • XrainX
        April 16, 2013

        The real problem is not the price. But the future model which will be launched from the same company.
        How will feel somebody, which paid for example $500 for a smartphone, when he will see after 6 months a new version is out, with better specs? And for $500 paid don’t have the newest model.
        And don’t forget a new problem is available starting with the 5″ smartphones: because of size and weight they can break very easy just after dropping it on the floor.
        But if paying something like $200, even being old after 6 months or breaking it on the floor, the damage feeling is not so big and the user can move to the next and new… $200 smartphone.

        The future smartphone affair is not selling smartphones, but touchscreens. 😉 Remember how many times dropped down your old simple and classic Nokia? This will not happen with your 5″ smartphone if not well protected by some stupid case.

        Back to the price, damaging a $500 smartphone will make you cry and this possibility is very high.

  2. Arsalan
    April 16, 2013

    If they want to beat Samsung and apple they have to bring the price down in everybody’s reach… I will not spend $500 for a Chinese phone.

  3. Whyzor
    April 16, 2013

    If by “Popular” you mean hype. Real popular phones don’t need price reductions. Prices reflects the demand for a phone, if it’s dropping, then the demand isn’t there.