Chinese start-up creates pirate iOS App store and iTunes alternative

Chinese start-up 7659 creates web based pirated iOS App store and iTunes alternative which doesn’t require a jailbreak!

We all know that it’s terribly naughty of us to jailbreak our iOS devices and download pirated APPs, and while it was once easy to hack your iPhone or iPad and download paid for apps for FREE back in the day, Apple and developers have taken steps to prevent this from happening.

One measure Apple has taken is to shut down pirate app stores, and another is make it increasingly difficult for hackers to Jailbreak iOS devices. But what if there was away to get around both of these pesky details?

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Chinese start-up 7659 began last year as a standalone app which allows users to sync and download pirated apps to their non-jailbroken devices and use them as they want. The service worked using a shared 7659 account allowing the team to legally purchase apps (or pirate them) then share the application between the thousands of registered users.

To help prevent detection, and to help the Chinese start-up to thrive the 7659 app store cannot be accessed from non-Chinese iP addresses, this might explain why Apple have sued the living hell out of them (yet).

To celebrate 12 sue free months, 7659 are now offering a completely web-based version of their app store for easy access. The web-based version also allows you to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod just as iTunes does on a Mac or PC!

We’re not sure how long they can get away with this, but it an interesting story we intend to follow.

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