Ramos X10 Mini Pad a quad-core iPad mini eater for just $180

Ramos launches the Ramos X10 Mini Pad, a quad-core, Android running iPad mini alternative at a fraction of the price!

It has taken the Chinese tablet market sometime to launch their own Android running rivals to the popular iPad mini, and we’re glad it has as the mini Android tablets which are launching now not only out gun the iPad mini, put completely annihilate the Apple tablet for both price and performance.

The latest Android Mini Pad to go on sale internationally is the Ramos X10 Mini Pad. Like other iPad mini inspired tablets, the X10 features a near identical brushed alloy body, easy to hold small form factor and runs Android OS. The difference with the Ramos though is that the screen size is 7.85-inch, exactly the same as the Apple tablet!

ramos x10 mini pad

Keeping proportions almost identical to the iPad mini is a wise marketing decision for Ramos, as it means that customers choosing the Android powered X10 Mini Pad will still be able to use the huge range of iPad mini aftermarket cases, covers, sleeves and protective films.

While the Ramos X1 Mini Pad does look like the Apple iPad mini from the outside, what’s on the inside is not even comparable! For example, the X10 features a 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU and 1GB RAM where as the iPad mini only has a 1ghz dual-core processor and 512mb RAM. As you would expect performance on the Ramos is pretty special and reviews are reporting benchmarks of 13,729 on Antutu.

ramos x10 antutu benchmark

Taking a closer look we can also find the X10 has a better, 2 mega-pixel front camera, a micro SD card reader, 16GB of internal memory, micro USB and a micro HDMI port so you can use most of your current Android phone accessories and chargers.

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There are a number of resellers offering the Ramos X10 Mini Pad for sale now, but Lightake are offering it at just $179.99 with free shipping. Head over to the Lightake site for full details.

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