JiaYu warn of fake online stores! Official JiaYu Distributors listed here!

JiaYu warn of fake online stores! Official JiaYu Distributors listed here!


JiaYu are warning that a number of online resellers posing as official resellers and JiaYu distributors are in fact fake. Customers wishing to buy a JiaYu phone online must be wary and should first consult this list of official JiaYu International distributors.

JiaYu are one of the first of the new breed of Chinese phone manufacturers who have finally made the leap to go global. The company now work closely with 11 distributors around the world to sell JiaYu mobile phones to international fans.

Unfortunately, there are some less than honest online stores who are posing as official JiaYu distributors, even going as far to use the JiaYu name!

Below is the current up-to-date list of authorised JiaYu distributors and the regions which they are in charge of, any company not listed here is not an official JiaYu distributor:

[templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Belgium”] Company: bvba Lila-BLue Tel.: 0032 475 273 155 Contactperson: Arianne Storme Add.: Eksterstraat 2, 8400 0ostende Email: [email protected] Web: www.jiayumobile.be [/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Germany”] Company: nushphone
Tel.: 0049 5615743204
Add.: Hermann-Mattern-Str-10 34134 Kassel
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.jiayumobileshop.de[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”India”] Company: India Android Devices Private Limited
Tel: +917827078724
Add: Devika Tower Floor, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.jiayumobiles.com[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Israel”] Company: Extra Mile Systems
Tel.: +972544867127
Add.: POB 18, Givat Yeshayahu
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.jiayu.co.il[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Italy”] Company:Tecnomike
Tel:0039 3382488567
Add:Via Felice Fontana 42, Florence
Email:[email protected]
Web: www.jiayuitalia.it[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Netherlands”] jiayunederland.nl
[email protected]
+31614909960[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Pakistan”] Company : All my Tech
Tel: 0092-321-2134152 , 0092-322-2120130
Add: Office 12 -13, Amber Castle, PECHS, Block 6, Sharah e Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Web: www.allmytech.pk[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Russia”] web:www.jiayu.ru
Email:[email protected]
[email protected][/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Spain”] Company: Ivardis S.L.
Tel: 0034 96 355 50 91
Add: Psj Angels i Federic 2, 46022 Valencia, Spain
email: [email protected], [email protected]
web: www.jiayu.es[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Switzerland”] Company: KAELIN MarketingServices
Tel.: 0041(0)765765870
Add.: Neugutstrasse 28, 8102 Oberengstringen
Web: www.tablet-mid.ch[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Ukraine”] Company: iSTAR
Tel: +380445993010, +380445993038
Add: 1, Solomenska str., off. 16, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03035
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.istar.ua
Web: www.ejiayu.com.ua[/templatic_columns]
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Thanks to JiaYu for making this information available, you can visit the official distributor page here for any future updates.

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  • yash3339

    I just tried calling at the India center but the phone was switched off.

  • Remco

    The dutch one(netherlands) does not have a website (yet). Would be great to have a dutch official store, seems like they might be setting up a store.

  • Kaskuser

    So jiayuofficial.com is fake?

  • Dear Remco,

    We are currently working on launching the Jiayu brand in The Netherlands. We will soon open our website. You can send us an email at [email protected] to keep up to date.

    Best regards,

    Jiayu Nederland

  • Digiray

    So I’m guessing that the Jiayu G4 that’s on pre-order from DealsPrime is a fake?? Or as they are a chinese shop they sell it cheaper leaving us to pay for the import duties/taxes if caught by customs?

  • bartd

    The .be site doesn’t work

  • Israel state

    Israel also not working

  • Jimi

    What is real official Jiayu shop?
    or something else?

    • I had a long chat with JiaYu and some of the official distributors today. Only the sites listed in the article are official. The others aren’t despite what the name says.

      • Jimi

        Thanks Andi!

  • stachu

    Swiss site has no phones in their offer – only tablets available

  • Haroon

    The Pakistan store really exists and the person responds well on the numbers listed above.

    P.S. (a little off topic but interesting nonetheless)
    He was advertising JiaYu phones on a gamers forum. Got banned. Hehehee.

  • LOL? site in ISRAEL?, wow!

  • Rich

    No UK distributor? Are we stuck with Aliexpress and the like, or can we use one of the other Euopean distributors? Would love to know if JiaYu have any UK distributor plans!

    • One of the European distributors should be able to help you out.

  • Brian(Confused) from Manchester

    So where does this leave Jiayumobile and Jiayuofficial? What about the other chinese resellers such as Aliexpress, Lightake, DealsPrime? Given they are not ‘official distributers’ can I presume the phones they sell are genuine? Why did JiayuOfficialInternational post this list which excludes them on their facebook page? Should I cancel my pre-order with Jiayumobile as they have offered me a refund of the deposite I have paid and buy one much cheaper from DealsPrimeor would I be too low down on the waiting list to actually get one. I had assumed that Jiayumobile would get an earlier delivery but now I am totally confused? Or should I just buy a Zopo, a Samsun G4.or even an I-phone (although I hate Apple)…HELP!!!

    • The list here is of official distributors. With these companies you will get a genuine product, support and warranty plus shipping times will be days not weeks. Chinese based sites may not be able to offer the same, shipping could be more and take longer and your warranty is with them not Jiayu. In the end it will be less of a risk to go official, cheaper if you don’t (same as everything really)

  • nidget

    The belgian shop is real, but the website doesn’t exist yet: the domain jiayumobile.be has just been registered today.

  • _pA89

    where is Chinese official website in it !!!

  • Tomvbr

    Dutch site is fake one (Netherlands) Dont trust it!

    Kind Regards,

    Tomvb Netherlands

    • mannie

      How do you know? the website isn’t even finished

      • Tomvbr

        Yes thats the reason 😉 no official no kvk here.

    • @Tomvbr

      We are the official Jiayu distributor in The Netherlands. We are currently working on the website and yes, we do have a chamber of commerce registration and yes this will be placed on our website shortly together with all the other contact information.

      Also our website will look better when the content is filled on it. We could have chosen to put a maintenance message on it. But we decided to rather have something only then nothing.

  • yash3339

    Andi, the look and feel of these sites is really really so not convincing. Could you double check for us, as GizChina is the only source of genuine info for us. In fact the Indian site lists the G4 with an MT6575 processor.

  • If i want to import one to sweden , which place would be the best to buy it from ? (planning on a s1 when it’s released)

  • God damm fucking German Seller 219€ for the outdate JiaYu G3!
    When i order from China with Shipping and Tax for 175€!!!
    I live in Germany and such Shop´s make me rage!

    • Daniel Frede

      yeah, was wondering also what “official shop” would imply. There’s no corporate layout, nor prices…
      It’s more or less an accredited reseller – thats about it.

    • mannie

      the difference of course is waranty. if your phone breaks when you import it from china you will have to pay around 60 euro’s to get it to china for repair. When you buy in germany you:ll have german warranty. Still buying the Huawei ascend p2 though

      • Yes of course,but i think 44€ for Only the “Warranty” thats not realy fair i have contact to real reseller in China and i know the real price for the JiaYu G3 and fastcardtech sells for 126€
        and reseller price is under 100€! And thats not fair when i life in Germany and a Offical store sell the Outdate JiaYu G3 for 219€! I can buy the JiaYu G4 for 999Yuan = 125€!!! And Germanys Store sell the JiaYu G4 for 259€ and common i never pay 134€ for only the “Warranty” in Germany!

        • Peter

          In wich shop do you buy G4 for 125$?
          And how much are the shipping cost to Germany (DHL Express)?

          Please give us a link.

  • yash3339

    I emailed the Indian and Pakistani dealers, and got reply from the Pakistani dealers, they said the G4 would be out in India and Pakistan around mid-May.

  • Lola

    yeah official stores but no official prices that’s a pain,
    i dunno why people pre-order on these sites just buy the phones when they’re available otherwise you might get disappointed as the prices are all over the place some sites are pre booking the G4 basic with 1850 mAh for $289 that’s insane!! and the european official distributors just take the $ references and turn it into € not really fair 🙁

  • You could shop where you want, and assume your personal decisions …

    Your local resellers don’t make more margin, running an european company costs a lot and you have to include the VAT …
    For a fast local support and warranty, it isn’t an unaffordable price compared to the other common brands …

    Don’t complain about some more alternative opportunities, just take advantage of them.
    Each new official reseller contribute to more sales volume, better products, better software and support. An advantage for each end-user customer.

    Laurent, just an happy French G3 owner.

  • UK site just showed up on the official list, but the site is not live yet

  • Best to order at the official Spanisch store he is 39 euro cheaper then the Netherlands and Belgium.


  • Marco

    Hi Andy, great article. One question: does this phone work in Europe? I do not know where to look at. Thank you mate! Cheers,

  • Fabio Mazzella

    ma http://www.jiayuitalia.it non esiste.. siamo sicuri?