Jiayu G5 hands-on spy photos and first details

Jiayu G5 hands-on spy photos and first details


We might still be awaiting the official launch of the JiaYu G4, but the wheels of progress keep turning and leaked hands on photos the up coming JiaYu G5.

The JiaYu G5 has been seen previously as a computer render with some along with some basic ideas of the overall construction and specification of the phone. This past weekend in Shenzhen, though JiaYu fans got to see the Jiayu G5, along with other new models, in the flesh for the first time!

As we already knew, the G5 is an iPhone 5 style device. The stainless steel body matches the iPhone from every angle, but there are a few differences.

JiaYu G5 hands-on Spy photos

jiayu g5 spy photos

The front lacks any physical home button which is normally present and the display is a larger 4.5-inch OGS panel.

jiayu g5 spy photo 7

Physical controls are found around the stainless steel edges of the G5, but the positioning doesn’t match with the current iPhone line.

jiayu g5 spy photo 3

It appears that JiaYu will be offering the G5 with a choice of two battery sizes, with the larger battery requiring a alternative rear panel to cover the additional bulk.

jiayu g5 hands on spy photos

We assume the larger battery will be a 3000mAh unit as found in the G4, as the slim version uses an 1850mAh battery with G4 marking. We can also see that there is room for dual sim cards and also an SD card reader.

From what we previously had learnt about the Jiayu G5 the phone will be powered by a quad-core MT6589 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 3 mega-pixel front camera and 13 mega-pixel rear.

Will a Jiayu G5 make it into your life in the future?

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  • 1850mah is bad !


  • XrainX

    Very strange back cover.
    I am not so happy with an iPhone look. I don’t want people look at me and say: “Öh, poor man, he doesn’t have money for an iPhone but he is trying to show us he is rich.”

    On GizChina we discuss alot about many smartphones but as everybody see, the GooPhone clone of iPhone is not a star here.
    I am curios about the sales of GooPhone compared with other smartphones from the same generation.

    Cloning an Samsung or HTC is not so evident like an iPhone clone.

    If they will modify the back cover to be different than an iPhone one maybe we can live with the cloned metallic border.

  • Oh jusss launch the BLOODY!!! G4 already… T____T

  • Remco

    Iphone clone. Jiayu ypu are doing it wrong. I”ll stick tp the G4 and wait for it..

  • ss

    Jiayu should be in the hype competition along with nVidia.

  • Marius

    Jiayu G4 is fine for me … now it just needs to launch so we can give Jiayu our money 🙂

  • ivan

    I lost interest at iPhone-esque look

  • Feallan

    First, cloned phones look ridiculous. Second, it has the same guts as G4. I can’t think of any reason to buy this phone.

  • yash3339

    You need a gallery widget mate!

    • +1
      There was one… but I don’t know what happened

  • I dont like that back :/

  • Andrew

    I reckon it looks nice. iPhone look and feel without actually being a fake iPhone. That larger battery case is a bit odd, though.

    And as stated above… Stop effing around and get the damn G4 out already!

  • yash3339

    I don’t know why JiaYu need to copy a pre-existent design? They did so well with the G3 which, in itself, was a unique design. And then came the G4 with iPhone-esque looks and then this G5 which is a shameless copy.

  • Lola

    eww everyone knows that an iphone look alike is embarrassing to own people would think you have the iphone 5 and when they found out you don’t
    you are left with nothing but shame 😀

    Jiayu i think you can do better just stick with the G4