Breaking: JiaYu announce JiaYu G4 launch for the 28th April! However….

The wait is finally over and surprisingly the JiaYu G4 launch has come earlier than expected, as JiaYu have announced that the first batch of JiaYu G4 phones will go on sale this Sunday, 28th April.

The first batch to go on sale will be the 1GB ‘Youth’ version with 3000mAh battery. Retail price is 999 Yuan ($160) for the 10mm thick phone which features a quad-core MT6589 CPU, 4.7-inch OGS display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and Android 4.2.

Being JiaYu there are a few catches.

  1. The JiaYu G4 still doesn’t have it’s network license yet and as China will go on Holiday from May 1st for the national vacation the chances of it being delayed are high. Jiayu are saying it will take 7 days for delivery, don’t be surprised if it’s longer.
  2. Only 2000 phones will be available in this first batch, but anyone who attended last weekends JiaYu show will get first refusal.
  3. If you must have this first version of the G4 make sure you can live without OTG support as this early release model doesn’t have it!

With limited stocks, a national holiday looming and no network licence we can assume that only Chinese Jiayu fans will be lucky this time around, but if you do want to try your luck then this is the link you’ll need to order the JiaYu G4 on launch day.

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