UMi X2 laboratory test shows us just how tough this new phone is!

If there is one Chinese phone video you watch all week this one has to be it! Not only do we get to see the UMi X2 put through some really tough strength, durability and safety tests, but we get a unique look at how Chinese phones are tested! Think Chinese phones are low quality and easy to break? Think again!

There are a number of questions we are asked about the UMi X2. There are the usual “when will it launch?” questions and the “is it now running with 2GB RAM?” questions, but way up there are questions about the phones strength and durability. Last year the UMi X1 launched, and although it was a find phone it did suffer from terrible GPS issues and a display that cracked if you looked at it wrong, so is the UMi X2 the same?

umi x2 static shock test

After watch the video below, I honestly believe it isn’t and if everything we can see here can be believed then the X2 is not just a better made Chinese phone, but possibly one of the best made phones to hit the market!

The laboratory test shown range from static shocks, continuous drops, bending the chassis, flexing the screen, heating, freezing, showering with water and many more brutal attacks all designed to test the quality of Chinese phones!

umi x2 water test

The UMi X2 does extremely well, shrugging off all attempts to break it, until the very end of the video where a particularly heavy metal weigh is dropped on it and cracks the display, I honestly believe many phones would have by this point!

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Watch the UMi X2 laboratory strength and safety test video

So, after watching this are you still concerned about the strength and quality of the UMi X2?

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