A look at the Neo phone factory in Shenzhen

A look at the Neo phone factory in Shenzhen


Have you every wondered what it is like in a Chinese phone factory? Well wonder no more as we have obtained exclusive photos of the Neo production line in Shenzhen.

Our contact met with Neo yesterday to take a look at the Neo N003 prototypes and discuss details of Neo’s first quad-core 1080 phone. While there he managed to get a look at the production line and take some photos.

neo phone factory china 12


He wasn’t permitted to take photos of the N003, however we do get a good look at the Neo factory floor where staff appear to be producing the Neo Hua Cai, an entry-level 4.5-inch phone with dual-core MT6517 processor priced at 599 Yuan ($100).

chinese phone factory

It’s an interesting in site to a Chinese phone factory, even more so when you think that the people in these photos will soon be assembling the N003, which many of you plan to purchase.

The Neo N003 will go on sale on June 25th here in China with prices starting from 899 Yuan. Customers outside of China are able to preorder the N003 at a price of $185.99 though Lightake.

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  • Dax

    This is not 5 inch phone! This looks really smaller!

    • it isn’t a 5 inch phone

  • XrainX

    We even don’t know if is the real Neo factory. I don’t see any Neo product.

  • ivo001

    “It’s an interesting in site to a Chinese phone factory”

    Insight –> in site?

  • I’d love to see inside the Foxconn operation in Shenzhen or Samsung Gumi facilities one day – the scale alone would be fascinating.

  • Tjoe


    Link to a new Neo N003 developer’s set. i think. No statements regarding whether it’s MT6589T or MT6589.

    • Tjoe

      Btw. password is 12345 for the video link

      • XrainX

        How stupid is to post a video with a password? And more than that, with an incorrect password?
        Youtube video: youtube.com/watch?v=mEY9smgcpoU

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