Huawei hopes to upset the Xiaomi M2A with the Huawei G700

Huawei seem to have a bee in their bonnet about Xiaomi and their amazing popularity, so much so that they are releasing phones to directly compete with the Beijing based start-up like the quad-core Huawei G700.

Xiaomi launched their latest entry-level Android phone last month, and since then the phone has been selling like mad. We are of course talking about the Xiaomi M2A, a 4.7-inch Snapdragon 600 phone which packs features even the top-of the range M2S doesn’t have!

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Huawei are hoping to steal some of the Xiaomi’s thunder with the Huawei G700, and they could succeed thanks to the phone giants retail and manufacturing power! The G700 is a Mediatek based phone running the 1.2Ghz quad-core MT6589 CPU, with 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, and 5-inch 720HD display.

Measuring in at 142.5 x 72.5 x 8.95mm the G700 is slightly larger than the M2A and it seems that the inclusion of 2GB RAM and a 5-inch display has eaten in to the camera budget as the main sensor is rumoured to be 5 mega-pixel! This is a serious disappointment as with an 8 mega-pixel shooter the budget Huawei could have been a real Xiaomi alternative!

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  1. Freeje
    May 20, 2013

    How can with a MT6589 CPU compete with a one with a Snapdragon 600?

    • darkwing
      May 20, 2013

      Price wise, imo the “core marketing” is responsible of everyone trying to get a quad core arm processor (remember the atm7029 which is said to be a really bad SoC?, yet is quad core and products made out of it is being sold), and with an mt6589 you can pretty mucho do everything you can with a snapdragon at the cost of stuff like battery life, graphic details (in the case of games), frame rate (games / some videos) loading speed among others, by this i don’t mean that mt6589 is laggy or bad (i yet have to try it, however it seems like i won’t any time soon), it can probably do all or most of the things a snapdragon can.

  2. Ibiskus
    May 20, 2013

    “about the Xiaomi M2A, a 4.7-inch” I thought it was 4.5 instead 😉

  3. Celestine
    May 20, 2013

    these two phones have less common then any android phones 🙂
    This huawei has no NFC, different display, size, processor…
    Yeah, I have to admit one similarity, it is a touchscreen :-)))

  4. wurstt
    May 20, 2013

    Huawei G615 (Honor 2) has their own cheap SoC K3V2 which is better than the MT6589. So if their Mediathek phone isn’t cheaper that would make no sense. If only their would use a FHD screen. But this 720p phone is just another phone I wouldnt consider to buy.
    Because we all can smell the sweet taste of cheap FHD phones now, I wouldn’t go with a lower resolution for a higher price.

  5. They probably went for the mtk on the one because of the cheaper SoC price and better battery consumption (it is said that the K3V2 has poor battery performance).

    Power-wise, the mtk6589T (at 1.5GHz) should be a bit below the K3V2. If it’s the mtk6589 (1.2GHz) it will probably be a noticeable difference on intensive tasks (mostly gaming I imagine).

    For most functions it will probably depend more on the software / firmware quality as I doubt a quad-core @ 1.2GHz would have any lag during most day-to-day operations.

    Also, let’s not forget that the Xiaomi is only available in China officially, so this Huawei will have other competitors depending where it’s launched.

    • Derp, forgot about Hong Kong and Taiwan. but they’re basically China anyway. I wish Xiaomi did like Oppo and get themselves out in the world.