JiaYu G4 and quad-core G3 full production to begin at the end...

JiaYu G4 and quad-core G3 full production to begin at the end of May!


Still no launch date, but after receiving their network license JiaYu are gearing up for the first full production runs of both the JiaYu G4 and quad-core G3!

After posting news that JiaYu have officially been given the go ahead by Chinese authorities to sell the JiaYu G4, JiaYu have contacted us with more details. The current plan is to have both the JiaYu G4 Youth (3000mAh version) and quad-core JiaYu G3 in production by the end of May and a launch date (for the Chinese market) early June.

While speaking to JiaYu we asked if we could expect the G4 and G3 quad-core available from international distributors around a similar time but it is looking doubtful! That said there will likely be a few China based online resellers who will have the G4 and G3 quad-core available soon after launch.

As for the new G3, it will be marketed as the JiaYu G3S and will come with the same 4.5-inch 720p display, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, 1GB RAM etc as last years dual-core MT6577 model but with the more powerful quad-core MT6589 chip.

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  • Lola

    June 20 something then..

    • Norman Zakaria

      Actually Jiayu is planning to launch the Youth version of G4 tomorrow afternoon. They’ve even set up the webpage to order the G4 on their eStore. Check it out 🙂

      • Lola

        that’s good

  • mangix

    I do not give a single f*** about this Ji(‘ll never be available)yu G4 any more. I’m waiting since winter and today I’m done. What is more, who the hell builds a phone with no button highlight? I’m not a f***ing elf or whatever to see in the complete dark! I’m so disappointed.

    • jeroen

      your emotions imply you do care 😉

      • mangix


        • Airyl

          I prefer the design with no backlights, thank you.

  • t_gal

    Sooooo Andie,
    After holding and briefly testing both the Umi X2 and the G4 – if you had to choose between the two what would be the winner?

    just wondering what phone should win my money…

  • Bert

    So did Jaiyu say when the G4 advanced model will be released?

    • No they didn’t

  • XrainX

    I think the article title is wrong. Should be:
    … quad-core G3 full rumoring to begin at the end of May!
    So at the end of the may will start a new set of news about a smartphone which will be launched during Christmas. 2013?

    • oida2013

      cmon.. he just shares the news he gets… and his news seem to be the most reliable ones in the web, especially when you suck in reading chinese 🙂

      • mangix

        We all appreciate Andi’s work. It’s Jiayu that sucks.

        • XrainX

          I appreciate very much Andi, the others, this site and this is the reason why I come here and post.

          But when the news are about companies like JiaYu, GizChina just must to make the titles a little moderate, something like:
          JiaYu is planning to… bla-bla.
          JiaYu is thinking to… bla-bla.

          Thinks like:
          JIaYu is starting to…
          This week JiaYu…

          are not good for GizChina old readers. People will get tired by 6 months of promises.

          • lexboi


  • justincaruana

    all we want to know is when the PREMIUM version will be available.. i’m bored waiting..

    • Manos

      Oh yes we need the premium version fast! They are going too slow!I hope haven’t any problems!
      I know a online shop that have the small model only at white and cost 260$ plus 25$ shipping…

  • fastcardtech lies – G3 plus in stock – but not sending to anybody as I heart !!!!!!!!! SHAME !

  • golatificon

    NEWMAN 2 VS JIAYU G4 youth , who wins?(design not included)

  • vaibhav

    yeah , yeah we heard it from feb that we begin production end of this month they all are shithead lairs


    Andi should be wise, and stop paying attention towards this “information/marketing” and also companies who falsely promote their products.

    Based upon the many reactions, and false claims, postponed dates and other straight up lies. It makes gizchina.com a portal of incorrect facts and lies. Which should not be the case.

    Also the articles plus titles are often misleading, incorrect and suggest otherwise. Don’t hype things that are not worth hyping. Bring us actual news 🙂

  • grandeisern

    Why buy it from a distributor and pay double
    They have their own online shop – you can buy directly from them similair as zopomobileshop –

    • That’s not an official store. JiaYu don’t even know who they are….

      • Norman Zakaria

        Hahahaha! The irony in his comment is killing me!! xD

        • XrainX

          English is great.
          “they” was about jiayuofficial not about jiayu.

      • ozi

        Hi Andi Hi Robin
        Could you please help. MTK6589 has inbuilt modem for 3G frquencies or it is different with every phone? I need 900 +2100 MHZ phone. Jiayu g3s or 4 both are desrcibed as 2100 only. Would they have 900 mhz ??
        Also Does 3G speed ( e.g HSPA 21 ) is also related to MTK6589 chip regardless of phone brand?