Mediatek speaks about it’s 4G LTE MT6290 SoC

Mediatek speaks about it’s 4G LTE MT6290 SoC


Mediatek are making plans to launch a 4G LTE SoC solution to take advantage of China’s growing 4G networks.

4G LTE networks are not common in China. In fact only certain areas in Shenzhen and larger cities have LTE connectivity, which is very limited and only for testing purposes, but the technology is spreading and Chinese telecoms are hoping to receive licenses this during this year.

Once 4G LTE is available in China, Chinese customers are going to want to jump on to the 4G bandwagon, and Chinese phone makers will be among the first to accommodate them thanks to Mediatek’s new SoC.

Mediatek plan to launch their new MT6290 SoC later this year, in a limited production run meant for phone development. Mediatek say the new 28nm chip will run at least 1.3Ghz and will likely be used by local Chinese brands for their 2014 flagship phones!

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  • Norman Zakaria

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for 4G LTE china phones. Did they say if the SoC is Dual Sim Compatible?

  • Calvin

    What bands will be supported?

    • howea

      The last I read, China government are planning to carve out 1800/2100 … so it will likely be those two.

      • Calvin

        1800/2600 in my country… Cool! I guess it should be compatible then.

  • Ashutosh

    Hoping they have proper homework before announcing new chip. Customers All over the world have not been out of their 6589 blunder. They themself dont know the compatibility of 2gb ram with their 6589 chip. This is the perfect example of a novice company.

  • jammy

    Is it quad core processor or dual core……..???? And it’s based on ARM A7/ A9/ A15…..????

    • Ace

      Dual a15/dual a7 sounds great.

      @ ash
      The only reason there was an issue with 2 gigs of ram is because they did not release any kernel source.

  • Bangalore

    Too bad for India, Airtel doesn’t even allow 4G on smartphones. They want us to buy their 4G dongles. Lets see what Reliance does next year.

  • Tony

    I wonder does it support fdd lte(most of the carriers around the world use this one atm), or tdd lte(only a few around the world plus china) or both
    If it’s tdd only, then it’s kinda pointless to even consider it if you’re from europe/southeast asia that both mainly use fdd lte atm.

  • JanM

    Hopefully both – for us, and Mediatek’s sake. Being able to support both of them on one SoC, would make manufacturing much more efficient – and as this is indicated to be a sample run for phone/tab manufacturers – it would really enable MediaTek to swandive properly into both the global mainstream marked. Not exactly pioneering, but getting in the game while there is still some room for big players.

    Not even sure it is possible to actually do so, as I haven’t really studied the tech enough – but would seem like a good marked strategy.