Mediatek speaks about it’s 4G LTE MT6290 SoC

Mediatek are making plans to launch a 4G LTE SoC solution to take advantage of China’s growing 4G networks.

4G LTE networks are not common in China. In fact only certain areas in Shenzhen and larger cities have LTE connectivity, which is very limited and only for testing purposes, but the technology is spreading and Chinese telecoms are hoping to receive licenses this during this year.

Once 4G LTE is available in China, Chinese customers are going to want to jump on to the 4G bandwagon, and Chinese phone makers will be among the first to accommodate them thanks to Mediatek’s new SoC.

Mediatek plan to launch their new MT6290 SoC later this year, in a limited production run meant for phone development. Mediatek say the new 28nm chip will run at least 1.3Ghz and will likely be used by local Chinese brands for their 2014 flagship phones!

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