Exclusive: Umeox X5, 5.6mm thick Android phone hands on photos!

Exclusive: Umeox X5, 5.6mm thick Android phone hands on photos!


Becoming a household name is no easy task for a young up and coming phone maker, but Umeox may have found the perfect shortcut! Producing the worlds thinnest 5.6mm Android phone! Exclusive hands on photos of the Umeox X5 after the break!

Umeox currently have a solid range of Android phones, some of which are on sale in Europe under the Thomson Mobile phone brand, and boast innovative features such as Technicolor imaging technology!

The Umeox innovation continues, and now the young phone company are planning to taken on the big names and snatch the crown of world’s thinnest smartphone! Leaked hands on photos were sent to us this morning by our source at Umeox which show a Prototype sample of the Umeox X5, measuring in at 5.6mm! That’s thinner than Huawei’s P6!

umeox x5 worlds thinnest android phone

We don’t have firm hardware specs but we do know that the dimensions are 118 x 60 x 5.6mm, it will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as standard and will launch sometime in July!

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  • sky770

    Holy Crap..5.6mm?! O_O
    Now that’s what I call a “buzzer” 😀

  • Abir

    WOW………………. hope its not priced like the vivo phones

  • Markoff

    I can imagine the battery, for sure not more than 1500mAh or more realistically it will be closer to 1000mAh, this phone will be glad if it can last since morning until evening. also no LED flashlight, bad camera and I guess no Dual SIM

    but yeah, it looks cool although probably not very practical with nowadays batteries

  • Tweetypeety

    yeah but really, everybody can build such a phone when the battery is maybe 1200mAh. Let’s wait for the battery power.

  • R.V.RAJU

    godamn business stratagies, 99% of these announced phones never start the sales in 6months of time, so whats the use? we get mad if u wait for them like umi x2.
    only advantage to tech. news sites to fill their web pages. really tired of this boring news only stuff which never happen in 6months.
    so better talk only about which r avilable in 1month.
    why still samsung clones?HTC one with front dual spk. is the trend now. hope OEM adopt it ASAP

    • laon

      What the hell are you doing here then?

  • JanM

    Here at GizChina we get news and “the twitter” on phone that are in development, sometimes even before it is officially announced. If we just wanted to know what was available /now/ – we might as well just visit a shop. Here we get in-depth news on whats to come. Development and all its aspect takes alot of time. If an phone comes out a few weeks/a month after first news – that does not mean it only took that long to develop and get to marked – it probably means that they did good work keeping it “under wraps”.

    Manufacturers usually get sample chips for new technology to use in development of new phones, tablets etc. But even if they finish phone development in 3-4 months, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those SoCs, chips, ram etc used in development – is readily available i production runs yet.

    There are many, many aspects in development that takes a lot of time. And don’t forget about licensing. If you’re not a huge brand with the right contacts and influence, this could take ages too – even with a finished, “fault-free” unit massive stock.

  • R.V.RAJU

    ok if u still think that writeing few lines with a photo and that too not conformed is great then i can say tech.sites like u are 1st and free stage of advertisement of a phone that avilable known by god only. brands useing ur sites for their next year model & holding us with lies saying its avilable in few days
    would u tell us about the real reasons behind for the late of umi x2?
    who are responsible for 10k pcs. (in india) pre-booked umi x2 ?

    • laon


    • Airyl

      If you’re not interested, then fuck off.