Xiaocai X9 brings 2GB, quad-core power to a smaller screen size!

Xiaocai X9 brings 2GB, quad-core power to a smaller screen size!


The Xiaocai X9 with quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 4.5-inch display is coming soon!

It seems that all Chinese phone makers are looking at bigger scene sizes for their premium phones, leaving little to choose from in the sub 5-inch display segment. Thankfully Xiaocai have spotted a niche and have decided to make their next phone a sub 5-inch device.

Early reports are claiming the Xiaocia X9 will measure 4.5-inch and will pack a 1.2Ghz quad-core MT6589 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, 5 mega-pixel front camera and 8 mega-pixel rear.

Promotion of the X9 has already started on the official Xiaocai website which shows a bright green model. No launch date has been announced by sources say a China price of less than 900 Yuan is possible!

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  • sakthibruce

    looks great and price too

  • maddox

    yey! smaller screen! hate those 5inches

  • WimVD

    Screenresolution? Hoping for 720p!
    Dual Sim? Most likely…
    Battery size? 2000mAh at least

  • Bart

    Just bought the xiaocai g6 now they come with something better. Still like the g6 and happy with it.

    • Would be great to hear some more about the G6 looks like an amazing phone for the money!

      • elnoelio

        Picked one up myself. Have it a month and I’m astonished at how good it is for the price! Cheaper than my last phone..Huawei g300 and 10 times the phone.

  • Judah

    what is the official site?
    please i want to buy it for max $160 including shipping:)

    • Deca

      Couldn’t find any 2GB+32GB version on the official site…
      Anyway, there it is: http://www.coko.com.cn/
      Hopefully a review for the for the X9 soon. anyone?

  • Ricardo

    Im interesting to 😀
    Dont need big ones 😀

  • Gizbeat

    This looks awesome. Way too many 5″ phones these days. Would be nice to see it come with MTK6589T.

  • Jesus

    Ok, so… the question is… when will it be realeased?