Oppo closes Find 5 Beta Firmware update due to signal loss issues

Oppo closes Find 5 Beta Firmware update due to signal loss issues


Oppo have announced that they have closed the download for the Oppo Find 5 Beta Firmware update (X9909EN_13_130627_BETA) due to serious signal loss issues.

Yesterday afternoon Oppo placed links and instructions to download a beta firmware update for the popular Oppo Find 5 phone. The update featured a number of improvements and bug fixes including issues with the notification bar, lock screen, 1080 icons plus optimisations for certain languages.

The update being a beta was likely to have a few rough edges, however several Find 5 users (Ofans) have experienced serious signal issues to the point that Oppo have actually removed the download links and closed the OTA update.

find 5 beta issues firmware

Oppo are currently working on a fix and hope to launch an update fixing the issue as soon as possible.

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  • Well done to Oppo for attempting this OTA update…. and good luck to them !!

    I am confident they will sort out this ‘bug’ and continue to lead the way for OTA updates on a Chinese maker’s devices.

    Let’s hope we see some more Chinese makers offering OTA support for their devices.

    • Oppo normally offer OTA for their phones, it was just that this was a Beta Firmware.

  • Sander

    By the way, what about Oppos “big surprise” which was announced for June 18th?

    • It was a Find 5 price drop for China only

  • ron johnson

    oppo already fixed the problem with signal loss new beta ready to download how good is that.

    • That’s awesome!

  • The UMI X2 has got this problem too I have the 1.5ghz/2gb ram/32gb rom version and it does the same thing would be nice to find a solution or what is causing it.