1080 Uniscope XC2 (W1231), our new favourite Mediatek powered phone?

1080 Uniscope XC2 (W1231), our new favourite Mediatek powered phone?


The Uniscope XC2 (W1231) boasts a specification and a design which could knock the JiaYu G4 off the top of our most wanted Mediatek powered phones for 2013 list!

One question we get asked most often here at GizChina is “which Mediatek phone do you like most?” or “which current MT6589 phone do you recommend?”, and for the past few months the answer has been the same, the JiaYu G4!

In our opinion the G4 offers the best value for money, performance and build quality of any current MT6589 phone available, but for how long will it be able to hold on to it’s crown? Unfortunately for the JiaYu G4, hardware specifications and customer expectations move very fast, and in a world of Turbo processor, thinner profiles, 1080 displays and high-resolution front cameras, it is starting to look less and less appealing.

Uniscope XC2 (W1231)

The Uniscope XC2 (W1231) isn’t the first 1.5Ghz MT6589T phone with 1080 display to arrive, but it’s the first which really seems to have it’s design sorted and offer hardware without compromise!

Uniscope XC2 (W1231) specification

Starting with the front of the phone the W1231 has a 5-inch OGS display with an FHD 1080 resolution of 1920 x 1080. Through in IPS technology and this screen should look crystal clear from every angle!

uniscope XC2 (W1231) colours

As mentioned above the processor is the new and improved 1.5Ghz MT658T Turbo chipset with faster GPU. There is also 2GB RAM on board plus 32GB of built-in memory! The rear camera is a 13 mega-pixel Sony sensor with dual-LED flash while the front is an impressive 5 mega-pixel unit!

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Uniscope XC2 (W1231) design

Regular readers of GizChina might see a pattern in my current preference in phone design. As you can see from the Uniscope W1231 the design is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi2S, JiaYu G4 and not a million miles away from the Meizu MX2!

Uniscope XC2 (W1231) design

In fact Meizu might want to sit up and take note of the W1231 as the bezels on each side of the 5-inch 1080 display measure just 1.8mm! Meaning this will be one of the narrowest and easy to hole 5-inch FHD phones available measuring in at 139.5 x 68.5 x 8.4mm!

Uniscope have the full specifications along with some informative details and renders on their official product page for the Uniscope XC2 (W1231), but a few details remain unknown namely the launch date and the price.

Uniscope XC2 (W1231) Leaked photos

Below are some leaked photos of the XC2 (W1231)which give us a good idea of how the phone looks in hand, in our opinion it’s all very impressive!

Uniscope XC2 (W1231) leaked

Judging by Uniscope’s current phones we don’t expect the Uniscope XC2 (W1231) to be particularly cheap, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for a price of around 1699 Yuan ($276 Chinese mainland) or less at launch which will have it compete with the ZP980 and the C2.

What do you think of the Uniscope XC2 (W1231)? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Hamilton

    I want

  • aKp1

    Isn’t the 2000mAh battery on the lower side, Andi, as u already have had that Zopo with turbo FHD and 2k mAh battery, that died fast, isn’t it?

  • vijayshimla

    The website is in Chinese..though an extremely good looking and sleek phone..seems to be 8.5mm thick-hence probably stricken with a 2000 mAh battery–every manufacturer seems to like thin phones because they look sleek on photos- like size zero models one sees parading on the ramp..but how practical are both in real life.. a man needs some battery power and heft in real life ! We Indians like them busty !

  • Hamilton

    When will the sale

  • Norman Zakaria

    Oh god I feel like buying this phone! Whats the battery size?

    • galihpermadi

      2000mAh om.. 🙂

  • sakthibruce

    nice. It will be great if it have 2500 – 3000 mah


    the battery size is 2A >http://www.uniscope.com/show.php?contentid=248 realy… idk why someone ill buy this one when they can buy zopo C2, they will for 8.4mm agaist 8.5mm???lolz… anyway shows a good phone, nice job Andi (yelow camera man)

    • Haha a ‘yellow camera man’ has a very different meaning here in China haha 😉

    • k86

      Zopo C2/980 are bigger for my pocket : 143.3 x 70 x 8.5mm

      • Jobayer

        And that too 🙂

    • Jobayer

      Zopo c2 / 980 doesn’t have 2gb ram and phone is kind of fragile even with the gorilla glass maybe because of the inner frame or the gorilla glass is cloned 😉


    yellow* hehehe

  • Yossi

    In the front it looks the same as Zopo

  • Pranko

    If the proglamated price cut by Xiaomis Mi2s would come true one could get a better SoC (S600 with 1.7 GHz) but wider bezel for same 1699 yuans. And both of them with the same 2000 mAh battery.

  • Prithish

    If it wants to stand leaving out the rest.. NFC,MHL,OTG be must..!

  • bert

    WCDMA 2100MHz only, bad move.

  • thierry

    I’d like a cheaper version with 720p screen and 8g or 16g rom

  • Credg


    It states that it will have 2000mAh battery

  • Pernikle

    If the colours realy would look like above I would take the green or orange one but I doubt.

  • Jobayer

    can’t wait for lunch date!

  • pa5t1s

    Definitively a nice one 😉 i’ll put it on my Christmas list, hehe, if ever released at that time 😛

  • Joe

    Once again, no support for lower 3G frequencies (only 2100 in WCDMA). This is a problem in some places (no service).

  • chris

    when it will be launch ??? can i buy directly to offialy website?? out of china (european)

  • TerrorSpawn

    *off topic*

    You’ve got some adds on your page, for example aliexpress.com, but they seemed to be a scam. Check out this website: http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.aliexpress.com

  • Hoang

    again a FHD phone, who the fuck Need FHD on a 5″ Screen?

    • Tusom

      People who look at it with a microscope! 😉

      • airyl

        Mainly people who want bragging rights. To be honest though, I can see a slight difference between my Newman K1 and a friends Vivo Xplay.

  • LinuxMint

    Well, with still lots of spec details unknown, this one “Network parameters WCDMA 2100MHz, GSM 900/1800MHz” for starters makes it useless in North America. Releasing a new GSM dual-only band phone in this day and age seems like a rather dim decision.
    Still supplying only Android 4.1 also doesn’t appeal too much in mid 2013.
    Battery type fix or removable, which BT version, the exact dimension of GPS support (GPS-a, Glonass, Galileo) and isn’t Beidou/Compass support mandatory in China these days?
    And what about built-in sensors?

    Honestly, so far I am hardly impressed. Looks a lot like just yet another “me-too” product with plenty of severe shortcomings.

  • Harald

    It have Sony sensor

  • tysta

    Hi there Andy , first I want to start by saying that your website it’s awesome and I really like to come here every day and see what news you have for “us” readers!
    Know for the important part , I want to buy a Jiayu G4 but I wanted for the price in China which if I do not miss is around the 160€
    The thing is I have a familiar who some times goes to China , but he does not know where the Jiayu G4 it’s sold …
    So I wanted to ask you if it’s possible for him to order the Jiayu G4 to the place he is for the 160€
    If that’s possible I would really be the most grateful man in the world Andy!

    Hope you read this, I will be waiting for the reply
    Best Regards and keep the good work!

    • Hi,

      You can buy the G4 at the JiaYu stores in Shenzhen China.

      • PATRiOT96

        But is it possible to like buy it there on there website (in china) and order it to be sent where my familiar is?

  • Me

    Uniscope XC2 vs tcl idol x.
    Which is better?

    • foseptikons

      if uniscope have micro sd card slot this is better if not idol x is better

  • Does this phone have any type of protection on the screen? The google translated version of the original website mentions “IPS hard screen technology”. Could this be an indication to Gorilla or Asahi glass?

  • Equinoxx

    First impression: looks great, specs gr8, but battery could have been more than 2000mAh.

  • erythrocytes

    Quality wise, will it be good? We’ll have to wait and see,I guess.

  • Spyridonas

    Im i the only one that wants a phone with on screen buttons? Plz !

    • Airyl

      You can check out the Beidou LA-Q1, that has on screen buttons. Personally, I’m not a fan because on screen buttons eat up my screen real estate, and they’re bothersome in games like fruit ninja, where you’re constantly swiping the screen.

  • anony

    No scratch proof glass, 2000maH battery, Jacked up price.

    How is this not another phone with compromise?

    Oh wait, It’s 1mm less wide than competitors, excellent!

    • Jobayer

      Dude the zp980 is quite bendy and even the gorilla glass fails because of the casing !

      • anony

        Gorilla glass is never advertised to be break proof, get the difference between scratch and shatter.

  • Coimbatore Farm House Farm Lan

    Is there any service center in India for this phone, if not where in Shanghai or beijing?

  • Debasis Das

    my uniscope xc2 mobile touch screen break.how another touch screen obtain & where from,address of supplier.