Voyo A15, world’s most powerful 11.6-inch tablet?

Voyo A15, world’s most powerful 11.6-inch tablet?


Now and then we come across a tablet which checks all the boxes. The Voyo A15 is certainly one of them and could possibly be one of the most powerful tablets on the market!

Those of you who are up to speed on processor architecture might have already spotted that the Voyo A15 sports an ARM A15 chipset. In fact the processor found on board the 11.6-inch Voyo is a powerful 2Ghz Samsung Exynos 5250!

While a powerful processor isn’t new in a tablet, it is unique to find the rest of the hardware to be on par. The Voyo A15 also gets the latest Mali T-604 GPU, 2GB RAM, an 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 display, 11,000mAh battery and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS!

These aren’t just great specs for a Chinese made Android tablet, but for any tablet from any manufacturer ever!

Other great highlights include a built-in HDMI port, 3.0 USB port and if you fancy taking photos there are a couple of 2 mega-pixel cameras on board too!

voyo a15 tablet 1

Where the Voyo A15 really excels is in gaming performance though! Just check out the below videos to see how it handles some of the latest Android games!

Voyo A15 tablet Nova 3 gaming test

Voyo A15 tablet Modern Combat 4

Voyo A15 tablet Nenamark test

Online reseller Orientdeal are really excited about the Voyo A15 and are offering this powerful 11.6-inch tablet for $256.68 for the 16GB model and $276.68 for the 32GB model, but if you use this coupon code: gizchina7usd you can save $7.

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  • sinnerz2000

    Could u do a review of this tab? Since its not a well known company there are some build quality doubts.

    • Todd H

      This Voyo A15 and a few other new tablet models worth reviewing are now available at a site called TabletSprint

  • Rafal

    Oh MY! So good specs and so low price?
    Good to know 🙂

  • Freeje

    An 11.6 inch Android tablet???

  • fallmor

    There is no 32GB model – 16GB ROM + 16GB card.

  • michele

    gps are present ??

  • Adi

    INZANE!!!! Just if they could increase the screen resolution more like the Nexus 10, this would be the bestest! But for now these specs are totally MIND BLOWING! :O

  • Adi

    Why does it say 1.8 GHz in the video title!?

  • LinuxMint

    Why does there always have to be at least one sour lemon, ruining otherwise nice specs?
    Just lousy 2Mpx as the main camera? This should be a decent 8Mpx one for starters and having the common useful sensors and a global navigation support also wouldn’t hurt.

    • airyl

      Most people don’t use the back camera on a tablet, especially one this big. It’s a lot more better to lower the MP so that they can keep the prices low.

      • Louisclub

        exactly. are you buying a phone replacement, or a tablet? even with a 8 or 13 MP, it would still have a phone-like sensor and produce not-far-from shitty pics. its not like a 8MP tablet camera would produce nice pictures anyway.

        • LinuxMint

          And why would the quality of a 5 or 8Mpx camera built into a tablet make any different quality pictures than the same camera module sitting in a smart phone?
          There are plenty of occasion to have a tablet with you and wanting to snap some decent pics as well. Just like people do, when they carrying only their phones. So frankly, I don’t quite see your point.
          With 13Mpx being this season’s common phone resolution, previous gen 5 and/or 8Mpx modules shouldn’t carry that much of a premium compared to the lowly 2Mpx ones anymore anyway.

  • LinuxMint

    Oh, and I previously forgot: a 16:9 TV style screen is a moronic format for a tablet. It needs to be 16:10 or something in between that and 4:3, but definitively not less, especially since movies aren’t 16:9 either, so there is NO justification whatever for that nonsense.

    • Wotan

      Do you have any idea how films are made? 16:9 is the fattest widescreen format there is, it just gets thinner from there.

      Old TV shows are 4:3… no such thing as a movie made in 16:10. Maybe a tutorial video for software because someone prefers working on a desktop that is 16:10.

      Besides, there should be less of these weird screen shapes. That big advantage iOS has over Android… minimal fragmentation. Bad enough with the multiple CPUs and GPUs that make app stability hit and miss on Android some of the time, we don’t need more fragmentation of screens on top of it… at least not with a tablet that looks to be good enough to compete against big selling major brands/models.

      What’s more important is… does this run on a raw, unmodified Android? The less forced-customisations to the OS the better.

  • lorenz

    orientdeal is a trustworthy site? where to send?

    • OrientDeal

      hi Lorenz:
      We ship from SHENZHEN CHINA, then package shippind with DHL express, in generally, it can arrive most Euro countries and Australia , USA, Canada in 3-5 Days.

  • Rob

    At that price it’s on my shopping list

  • guau

    I dont recommend buy at this moment, i bought one last week and bricked updating with last official firmware. Now is travalling back to china again.

    Yes powerfull tablet with really bad firm, update process, and crap recovery.

    • OrientDeal

      Hi Guau:
      We dont recommend you keeping talk this again and again, sometimes there is no differences between the latest firm and the current version stalled before sending form Factory.

      For general customers, there is no need to update the latest firm by themselves. for example, for Samsung, some latest items are still working on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.X.

      I think if you need to keeping to update the latest firm, you must to sure you have enough experience in handle all the issue( that is must have technical experience).

      First: It is a general item special for most general customer.not only for the “Tech Geek”

      In fact, if you keep use the default firm, or ask for technical engineer’s help, the result will be good”


      • guau

        Are you kidding me?? Yes buy it, spend 200€ and dont update never with official firmware (brick risk) forget last android updates, and enjoi the chinnese apps that drain all the juice of your battery.
        But is stupid buy a tablet for no updates and no battery life.

        • OrientDeal

          Hi guau:
          Did you order on OrientDeal , if it is, you can contact our customer [email protected]. If it is not, we recommend you contact your seller.


      • adem

        i just saw this website now and i bought voyo from aliexpress 8 hours ago if i see you first i would of bought it from you seeing how your company has big contract with manufacturer you would have more knowledge. just wondering in the future if i wanted to upgrade firm what should i lookout for why are people getting bricked devices and do you know of a fix thanks

  • sam (@nirvanaman_1985)

    you can get it on aliexpress.com too, around £180 inc delivery to uk. Looks like a decent tablet, would love to see a 2560×1440 10.1″ tablet with quad cortex a15 at a similar price.

    • OrientDeal

      Hi sam:

      we recommend the customer choose Express shipping way like DHL, if any one want to pay £180 on aliexpress, I think the result is will not better than Orientdeal.com. we are authorized overseas of VOYO. you can find a authorized link on myvoyo official site and this :http://myvoyo.com/shop/

      so I think, for voyo a15 , we recommend customers to choose one authorized site or seller, thanks.

  • Simon

    Anyone going ahead and buying this ? Sounds great, but would ideally like to see a review if possible ?

  • Anish

    antutu scores are just as good as the MTK 6589T! os dont bet it to run as fast as the Sam S4 or Note2

  • peter

    Dear all,

    I’ve been looking at this tablet that uses the mix of exynos and mali found on one samsung concept introduced last year.
    Voyo proposed it almost 3 months ago…
    As mentioned earlier, this tablet proposes one of the best options in the market (considering that there is also a large battery and 2 gb of ram).
    However the main camera is an issue…and the special screen size reduces a bit the top level offer package (in my mind with 9″ it would have been an excellent choice)
    Voyo is not so new, they were the first chinese brand to propose exynos processor last year…but regarding the firmware update a certain knowledge is needed.

    On my side I’ve made a different choice, which is also quite good.
    …I don’t want to advertize but I have no idea of the product name and brand cause it is an oem
    Same spec than the lenovo A1000, with additional features…phablet type

    The antutu benchmark of the voyo and of this one are not skyhigh, but both products are quite good for a normal and gaming usage.
    For the 7″ I’ve bought, the only issue i consider is the battery life with wifi…but with a 6000mha package it is quite ok

  • Liljohn

    11,6” android tablet? Did you mean android board??? 😛 thats too big for a tablet…

  • Camaman

    No 3G….

  • LinuxMint

    Sorry, but I don’t get your point about the screen aspect. The only source using the 16:9 aspect ratio is digital TV. Movies, aka known as films, use an even wider screen, therefore distorting the display with aspect ratios >> than the 1.78 for 16:9 TV even further and being always displayed letterboxed anyway, if you don’t want anamorphic distortions.
    My point is, that the 16:9 digital TV screen aspect isn’t wide enough for watching any movie anyway, so you are ending up with horizontal letter boxing, making the industries argument mood for endorsing that awful 16:9 format.
    A tablet is NOT a movie screen, but a computer display, on which I want to be able to comfortably view content (ebooks, web pages, pictures, program (aka app) output, as well as the occasional captured TV show or a movie) in both, landscape and portrait mode, whatever fits better at any given time.
    But in order to comfortably do so, I do NOT want at all a screen exceeding the 1.6 aspect ratio of a 16:10 wide screen display, but be between that and the 1.33 ratio of the 4:3 aspect.
    I hope I made myself clear enough this time around.

    • LinuxMint

      The above reply is for: Wotan July 5, 2013 at 8:29 am
      but didn’t get threaded in properly.

      • Wotan

        Films aren’t necessarily wider, they’re just cropped, or given a different pixel ratio/lens distortion to fit into the 16:9 space… or with traditional film, the physical 4:3 frame.

        Thing is, widescreen films that are anything other than 16:9, in terms of resolution… they’re not wider, they’re just thinner. At a claimed 1080p, those wider looking films have been cropped to save file space, the width will always be 1920, the height will be less than 1080… which points out how stupid this whole 720p, 1080p naming system is. At least with 4K there’s some logic behind focusing on the frame width this time (though it doesn’t help that there are 2 versions of 4K… one that’s slightly less than 4K wide, one that’s slightly over). It’s not the industry endorsing the 16:9 ratio though, it’s just a technological standard.

        I get what you’re saying about reading. I agree 16:9 can feel a bit clunky when just reading a standard print format page of a book/comic/whatever. But for something with these specs on the market right now, this is more about doing all those simpler things like reading and browsing combined with gaming and video playback. And considering the rise to power of YouTube, tablets are as legitimate for video playback devices as a TV. It may not be blockbuster sized, but it’s still very appropriate for alot of other, heavy video uses.

        I’ve put an order in myself for one, and my main 2 uses will be for video playback (reviewing animation renders/tests) and using Sketchbook Pro. And for me, 16:9 is ideal for that along with everything else.. the odd bit of gaming, etc.

  • Bradley

    I am in Hong Kong for a week. Where would I go to handle one of these before I buy? I could not find it at the Mong Kok Computer Centre.

    I want to feel a 11.6″ tablet before I order it.


  • Paul Shaw

    Ive had one of these for almost a week now. Performance is great, build quality feels good (although a little thick / heavy, but I guess that is to be expected with a screen this large). The screen is really bright and pretty god quality. I usually have the screen set at 10% and its more than bright enough to use outdoors. There are only 2 downsides… 1: quite a few apps I use on my other devices arent compatible with this device (1 in 10 maybe) and the battery life is pathetic. Surfing with wifi (there is no 3G option) I get around 2-3 hours max. Definitely not a tablet for those that travel a lot. However, if you only want it to be sat on your lap in the living room and dont intend to take it outside much then this shouldnt be an issue for you. Overall, a very good tablet, let down by a very poor battery.

    • wotan

      I daresay the battery life is a build quirk. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now.

      Battery life is better than what you are getting, but the battery display on mine is not accurate. It will drain down to 90% after the first hour, then suddenly drop to 60%.

      Ive also had varying results battery of leaving it on standby.

      Sometimes reviving it from standby, I have found a part of the right edge of the screen will lose touch input.

      There are more than a few other quirks too. For the price its still alright, but one thing that I found really annoying was that it wouldn’t work with a microSD over 16gb. That and the fact that some key jelly bean features are missing, like multi tabbing.

      Max Payne… loads fine but the audio is delayed. MX Player… trying to adjust the volume by swiping on-screen is always abnormally delayed first attempt on any video. There are quite a few quirks like that which don’t really make sense considering the CPU and ram specs in this thing.

      Oddly, almost all of my apps are compatible with my tab. Perhaps another quirk?