Eyes on with the Android powered LeTv X60

Chinese video sharing site LeTv have ventured in to the Android smart TV arena with the very stylish LeTv X60.

LeTv.com originally started as a video sharing site and has quickly transformed in to one of the best places to watch the latest movies and TV shows online in China. The company also seems to working close with foreign networks to bring popular U.S and UK shows to the Chinese mainland!

To further ensure their success in China’s crowded living rooms LeTv have developed a couple of Android smart TV’s, Android TV boxes, and add on accessories including a motion sensing camera which can be used for gaming.

Only one TV model was on show today at Sino CES, the top of the range LeTv X60. The X60 is a 60inch screen TV powered by a 1.7Ghz Qualcomm S4 Prime processor, Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB running LeTv’s own LetvUI. Like all Android smart TV’s the X60 runs Android apps which are downloaded through the Letv Store. The X60 on show here is sitting on the optional and rather stylish wave alloy base which costs an additional 499 Yuan.

The LeTV X60 costs 6999 Yuan ($1139) however a cheaper S40 version for 1999Yuan ($320) is also available.

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