Fully assembled low-cost iPhone on sale in China!

We have seen the rear cases, and some of the components of the low-cost iPhone, but this is the first fully built new iPhone we have seen and it is on sale in China now!

While browsing Chinese E-commerce site Taobao for traces of the purported low-cost iPhone we came across more than a few listings for a fully assembled low-cost iPhone which can be bought right now!

Like the leaked photos this low-cost iPhone appears to have plastic rear shell and looks to have a 4-inch display like the current iPhone 5.

low cost iphone leaked china 4

The rear of the low-cost iPhone shows us a black printed Apple logo on the glossy white body. And we can see that the placement of the rear camera and LED flash remain unchanged!

Looking around the rest of the low-cost iPhone we can see that Apple are still using a Sim Tray, and that the base of the phone is still the chosen location for the 3.5mm headphone jack, speakers and Lightning cable.

As the name suggests this iPhone is very affordable with listings of the white model (black is also available) starting at just 300 Yuan ($48)! So what’s the catch? Well like the iPad mini we discovered on sale last year ahead of launch, this low-cost iPhone is actually a display dummy meant for retail stores to use, not an actual functioning device!

So is this really the low-cost iPhone? We believe it is!

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