Exclusive: iPad Mini hands on video and photos!

Exclusive: iPad Mini hands on video and photos!


While this dummy iPad Mini might not be a functioning version of the 7.85 inch Apple tablet it still gives us some valuable clues as to how the real mini iPad will look and what its specification might be! Keep reading for the iPad mini hands on video and photos!

Now that iPhone 5 fever is over, we can turn our attention to the iPad mini rumours which are looking to be pointing at a real 7.85 inch Apple tablet device with each leaked component, cover and now this dummy model.

ipad mini compared to ipad and iphone 4

I spotted this dummy iPad Mini for sale on Taobao, China’s eBay, where I picked it up for roughly $13.

exclusive hands on video with ipad mini

As you can see from the photos my dummy iPad mini features the thinner bezel which has been rumoured along with a iPod touch 4th generation thick body and rear camera.

4g lte ipad mini leaked hands on video

This dummy also seems to be of a 3G or possibly even a 4G LTE version of the iPad mini as it features the tell tale black plastic strip and a mini (not Nano) Sim card tray.

hand on with the ipad mini video gizchina

On the base is the new smaller lightnning connector and the speaker holes much like the new iPhone 5.

ipad mini rear camera hands on video

The top is similar to the current iPad and iPod’s as it features the power/lock button and also a 3.5mm head phone jack. The dummy iPad mini has a new volume contol button design featuring two seperate buttons rather than the traditional rocker we have grown accostom to on the current iPad models.

64gb ipad mini hands on video

Accoriding to the markings on this iPad mini, Apple will be offering a 64GB version of the tiny new iPad which with the cameras and 4G LTE could see the small screen iPad reaching prices of $600+!

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ipad mini compared to ipad hands on video

ipad mini size comparison hands on


iPad mini dummy hands on video

The video below you I’ll talk you through the iPad mini design and compare it to the iPhone 4, original iPad and also a 7 inch Android tablet.


iPad mini hands on photo gallery



What do you guys think of the iPad mini? I’m personally pretty excited about it after holding one in my hands and personally can’t wait to see if Apple actually will release this much speculated 7.85 inch iPad mini!

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  • RobertNL

    You got me with you teaser on FB Andi :D!

    How real is it? (official apple like or just a good guess?)

  • This is a no-brainer! Surprised Apple haven’t come out with this sooner, and wouldn’t be surprised to find this is not rumor at all. iPad-mini might be a bigger hit than the iPad.

  • robodude2829

    You picked it up for $13?! Is that a misprint, or do I need to go buy one of these?

  • robodude2829

    Lol. My bad! I was thinking that it was a functioning android tablet. Guess that’s what I get from buying Chinese tablets. I’ll try to read better next time.


    Would you mind picking up a wm8850 tablet and reviewing it? Thanks.

  • Yawn

    Yawn. Give me a phablet any day over a small single purpose tablet.

    I still maintain that the Samsung Note 2 will be the most important phone of the year. 3 weeks to go…

  • max

    The did smart job by cutting only the side bezel. Now this looks more of 16:10, Sort of appealing, My guess is the 3G version of this in Europe and Asia and WiFi version in North America will sell like crazy.

  • max

    [quote] I spotted this dummy iPad Mini for sale on Taobao, China’s eBay, where I picked it up for roughly $13.[/quote]

    Link pls. I want to get it too, Just needed to tease few people. 🙂

    Also if possible link to me some reliable taobao shipping forwarding agent.


  • Pamela

    Can’t wait…very exciting!