iPhone 5 Already on sale in Hong Kong Grey Markets! starting from $1100

If you really can’t wait until this Friday, September 21st to get your hands on the new iPhone 5 from Apple, or you don’t want to wait in long busy queues (as some fans are already doing) then don’t worry just head to Hong Kong and buy an iPhone 5 in the grey market now!

It seems that the Hong Kong grey markets have decided to jump the gun and launch Apple’s new iPhone 5 a couple of days early.

One grey iPhone 5 market vendor in Hong Kong named Mr Lo has already received a small quantity of the new iPhone 5 and has started to sell the 4 inch Apple phones on at a marketed up premium price.

iphone 5 on sale in hong kong grey market


Mr Lo didn’t hasn’t mentioned where or how has managed to get stock of the phone even before official Apple stores have started selling the LTE equipped phone, but has gone on to mention that he already has provisions to bring in more iPhone 5’s to Hong Kong through a network of smugglers from across the globe!

iphone 5 on sale in hong kong grey market

The official prices for the iPhone 5 in Hong Kong will start at HK$ 5,588 (US$721) for the 16GB model rising to HKD$7,188 (US$927) for the 64GB model on the 21st when Apple officially start sales, for those of you who can’t wait expect to pay from HKD$8,800 (US$1,135) to HKD$10,800 (US$1,393)!


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