Pipo M9 Pro launched with FHD display and built-in 3G

Pipo M9 Pro launched with FHD display and built-in 3G


Pipo have just launched an updated version of their 9-inch tablet. The Pipo M9 Pro boasts a higher resolution display and built in 3G!

We have been pretty impressed with Pipo tablets in general. They have always been priced well, feature good hardware and offer great performance. The new Pipo M9 Pro is an updated version of the M9 which boasts some very impressive new features!

pipo m9 pro rear

Powered by the same Rockchips RK3100 processor, the M9 Pro comes with a FHD 1920 x 1080 display (the original had a 1280 x 720 panel), it also features HFFS which enables the display to be ultra bright! There is also built in 3G, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0, a 5 mega-pixel rear camera and plenty of plugs and ports to expand upon the tablets built in features.

Pricing for the Pipo M9 Pro is set at 1699 Yuan ($227) for the 32GB version here in China, international prices are expected to be closer to $300.

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  • LacusClyne

    Its rock chip 3188 quad core

  • burnt_52

    Have been using the PIPO S2 tablet for a long time. Have found many tablets have had faulty USB ports (meaning that OTG fails) but other than that have found them to be very cost effective and well working.

  • dino

    ohhhh ipad killer
    it should come without a cam
    this tablet has the worst camera in the history
    of quad core tablets.
    f u
    ben lai

    • Manos

      Are you sure? The camera is not good?

      • DINO

        check on one of the website tablet republic
        the pictures cliked by this 5mp camera come grainy and really crappy
        i cant find more colourful words other thn that the tablet seems ok.
        dont know bt their 3G performance and its settings.
        Kindly check which country you live in supports it.
        Andy doesnt seem to provide the “Ugly Truth” behind the Cameras and other things like 3g Support on Phones.
        Because of a lack of good in house Test before prelaunch lot of people get Cheated with Misadvertisement and Hype.
        Lot of People end up buying stuff they cant Use.

  • guau

    rk3188 full hd, hello lag how are you?

    • JanM

      The RK3188 is already well established on the M6 – it has a Retina display, well beyond Full HD – and its fluid as butter. The RK3188 can handle it, believe me 😉

  • Hardi999

    9″ or 10″?
    Others says 10.1″

  • sotong

    Nice one! I was about to decide to purchase the Max M8 Pro with 3G when this news came along & changed my mind.

    Only downside is that the speakers on this M9 Pro appears to be at the back, instead of at the front for the Max M8 Pro.

    • JanM

      I’ve had the M8pro for about a month, and must say I’m very pleased. And the speaker placement and actual size is one of the better things ablut it. The M6 has up-front speakers too but their smaller, and placed so that if your holding the tablet in landscape view – your hands are covering the speakers (They’re low down, outer side edge).

  • Camaman

    Finally a mention of a high res 3G tabled.
    although details and Ugly truth remain to hidden on this item.

    I will wait for new MTK 8 core, maybe someone decides to make a tablet using a SOC that works great in regular phones, since tablet is easier to make than a smartphone.

    • Manos

      Sure but is going to lat!

    • JanM

      I don’t really see the point, at this point in time. The RK3188 and similar SoCs work great, especially now that they’ve started to get the kinks out through the SDK2.0.

      And a tablet has room for bigger SoCs, and they have the battery package to support it.

  • Sam

    Trusted site to buy?

    • JanM

      Geekbuying.com has served me well in regards to tablets, and they usually don’t do shady pre-sells. As an added bonus, the CEO is an active forum member @ FreakTab.com , and an avid enthusiast.

      • Sam

        Thanks for that. Happen to know when the release date is for international buyers?

  • JanM

    The M9 is a 10.1″ tablet. The M9pro will have the same screen /size/ – 10.1″

    Confirmed @ official Pipo forum.

  • alexandernigth

    Question is that resolution a retina a like??

  • Dimitris

    hello!! from where i can buy the pipo m9 pro 3g directly from china?? any store??

  • Graciela Belle

    PiPo M7 Pro has the ups and downs like many other tablets but what interest me most is that the performance of this tablet is superb considering the very low price. I got mine from merimobiles.com which shipped my item fast.And now I’m lovin’ this tablet!

  • Mansoor Omrani

    Does it support calling? I mean can you plug a SIM Card in it and call or send SMS?