Mediatek MT6592 8-core could be clocked at up to 2Ghz with multicore...

Mediatek MT6592 8-core could be clocked at up to 2Ghz with multicore GPU!


More details of the Mediatek true 8-core processor have been announced including details of claimed speeds and the GPU it will run.

Mediatek’s 8-core MT6592 processor is a very exciting piece of equipment! Not only will the chipset be the world first true 8 core processor (i.e. each core will will be able to run simultaneously) but it will also usher in a new breed of low-cost Chinese phones which will be able to rival the likes of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC!

New details published today claim that the MT6592 could be clocked at speeds of up to 2Ghz with early test units already scoring well over 30,000 points in Antutu. In addition to the high speeds Mediatek are also reportedly going to use a SGX544MP GPU.

The Power VR SGX544MP GPU is and updated version of the older single core GPU, MP standing for multiprocessor. So how many processors with the SGX544MP GPU have? Well according to official documentation it can be equipped with between 2-16 cores currently with 8 to 64 cores coming in the future!

The first lot of 8-core MT6592 chipsets will be shipped out to companies by the end of this month, with the first phones expected around November time!

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  • cynicmike

    ok… so what will this mean with regards to power consumption? will smartphones be even able last before lunch? lols

  • Rob

    @ Cynicmike, needs a 3000 mAh battery at least, but if they arrange the core speeds and how they are varied dependent on load there is a chance you will get through the day with average use.

  • akash

    make phones available for less than 300$ with these chipsets…and m sold!!

  • akash

    November availability seems bleak though..there has been a six month gap that i have observed since the launch of chipset to the tilme phones actually making to the market…you will start seeing rumours as soon as in the next two weeks..but the wide spread availibilty would be somewhere around end of january..
    ofcourse…the sooner the better..but jan seems more practical…

    • Tim

      I disagree. The MTK6589t chip was in phones not very long after we first heard about it, on Gizchina of course!

      • akash

        Lets see..Ofcourse il be more than happy to see these beasts come out sooner..but having a jan time frame can calm your nerves and help one with the never ending anxious waiting..:P

  • The author should probably change his bio now. The Find 5 has been on sale for a long time now 😛 Haha

  • Patrick

    I hope they update the 3G frequency coverage on the new chipsets. What is the point of a phone with 16 graphics cores if on 3G it only works on one to two frequencies ?

    • Em

      You are so right!!! And I don’t know why none of the manufacturers of MTK based phones target properly the USA market?! They will sell in the tens of millions of sets if only they support the 3G frequencies used in North America…

  • Rob

    4G would be nice

  • Partha Pratim Dutta

    But without 4G LTE(TDD + FDD) and voice, Mediatek 6592 cannot be compared at all to Qualcomm’s 800 chip. Not only MT, Exynos,Intel and others are nowhere near Qualcomm. Its misleading to equate MT6592 with Qualcomm.

    • okupka

      and glonass…

      • …or even sufficiently precise GPS, which the MT6589 has not…

  • Splashed Gorilla

    Rival of the Snapdragon 800 ? ROFL! Best joke I’ve heard.

  • Mariner

    If the rumoured specs of the MT6592 are accurate, it should provide a very nice improvement in performance over the MT6589, especially if there is more than one PowerVR 544MP core (most likely a 544MP2, I’d have thought).

    It’s never going to be a performance competitor for the Snapdragon 600/800 or any Cortex-A15 chips, but it should be an improvement over quad core A9s and will drag the performance of the budget phones up to a higher level.

    I’ve read speculation that the MT6592 is set up in two sets of quad-A7s. Assuming one of these quads could be completely powered down, decent battery life ought to be achievable as well.

  • Harald

    8 cores? Absolutely useless. The hunt for higher Antutu scores mean nothing, they don’t necessarily correspond to real world performance. Intel goes the right way, focus on increasing per-core performance.