Chinese phone maker Verne planning a 8-core MT6592 Verne V8 for later...

Chinese phone maker Verne planning a 8-core MT6592 Verne V8 for later this year!


Chinese phone maker Verne are currently riding high with their quad-core Verne V5, but soon this will be yesterdays news as they are planing the 8-core MT6592 Verne V8!

Although firm details have yet to be announced sources close to the project have already been leaking hardware specification for the V8 and they sound very promising!

As the V5 was a 5-inch 720p phone the V8 will be a natural progression of that and will feature a 5.5-inch 1080 panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The 8-core MT6592 processor is expected to run at 2Ghz with a PowerVR SGX544MP4 multicore GPU, 2GB RAM and 32 GB of built-in memory!

A Sony 13 mega-pixel rear camera is also expected as is a battery larger than 2400mAh!

We’ll bring you more details of the upcoming 8-core MT6592 phones as we get the news!

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  • hamsteyr

    Damn, that’s one hell of a GPU. Not even most mainstream phones have that kind of power under the hood.

    It’ll be interesting how this shakes up the mobile industry, seeing as this is meant to be the low-cost option.

    • Abir

      Will be quite interesting to see GPU frequency, even the 6589 has same GPU albeit in a dual core config but its performance is mid range. Hope Mediatek go for performance with the 6592 and run the GPU at higher frequencies.

      • geHuC

        The 6589 has a single 544 not a mp2 😉 and depending on clock speed the 544mp4 is around 71 GFLOPS, for reference the 554mp4 (yep 554) found in the newest ipad manages around 78 GFLOPS so this thing is no slouch in terms of graphics performance.

    • Aeonia

      true but since it’s 8 core they should have gone with powervr 554 to make it future proof…

  • Mr.BlackWolff

    phone power increase..and screen gets bigger and tablet name will vanish and phones will be bigger like tablets…need two hands to hold it and need a bag to carry it…

  • Xiaolu

    Bad side of all that good: battery life. Less than 3000 mAh could be not enough to power that beast. I’ll bet for 4000mAh…

    • S.T.A.R.S

      I won’t bet as I don’t believe this could happen, but I so much wish so for such thing. really do!

    • Galaxy S4 has just 2600mAh battery, and has very good battery life. With more power consumption than a MTK6592

  • Tim

    Needs LTE!

  • sanatan

    Hi Andi, what about the price???

  • Simon

    Is Verne and Vowney the same company ?

  • fonix232

    Given by the design they released, I’d say the battery will be a lot bigger.
    Also it seems to be single-SIM, microSD support seems to be there too, but the back facing camera is really badly placed.

    Audio jack will be on top, alongside with the microUSB slot, but can’t tell much more from the wireframe.

  • akash

    and so it begins!! new leaks everyday for next six months!! saddle up guys…this is going to be interesting 😉

  • PowerVR SGX544MP4 ? That’s a fucking dream, hope it’s true!

  • DINO

    welcome octa mtk kindly generate
    more money for battery saving apps.
    when will these retards learn that phones
    need better efficient Batteries
    not octa core.