ZTE Nuba Z5 mini launches at just $307!! ZTE Nubia Z5 mini vs Xiaomi Mi2s!

If you asked me yesterday which sub 2000 Yuan phone you should buy the answer would have been a Xiaomi Mi2S, today though the Nubia Z5 mini might be my answer!

There was always the chance that ZTE’s nubia brand would price the new Nubia Z5 mini at a very affordable price, and now as the launch party draws to an end we know that they have!

The Z5 mini will go on sale in China for just 1888 Yuan ($307) which is slightly more than the currently Xiaomi Mi2S, but it also happens to be slightly larger, have a better rear camera and a more impressive Sharp screen technology plus SD card reader!

Some highlights of the phone include a 13 mega-pixel Sony rear sensor, 5 mega-pixel front camera with 88 degree lens, quad-core Snadpragon processor, 2GB RAM, SD card readers, support for most major 3G networks and a range of accessories including what appears to be a mini phone like the one which can be used with the HTC Butterfly!

Nubia Z5 Mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

ZTE Nubia Z5 mini Vs Xiaomi Mi2s

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Which would you buy?

If I had to buy a new phone now I would seriously consider the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini. The specifications, design and price are all very remarkable! Luckily for my wallet I’m not in a rush for a new phone and I’m happy to wait for the Xiaomi Mi3 which could cost as little as 1999 Yuan ($320)!

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