ZTE Nuba Z5 mini launches at just $307!! ZTE Nubia Z5 mini...

ZTE Nuba Z5 mini launches at just $307!! ZTE Nubia Z5 mini vs Xiaomi Mi2s!


If you asked me yesterday which sub 2000 Yuan phone you should buy the answer would have been a Xiaomi Mi2S, today though the Nubia Z5 mini might be my answer!

There was always the chance that ZTE’s nubia brand would price the new Nubia Z5 mini at a very affordable price, and now as the launch party draws to an end we know that they have!

The Z5 mini will go on sale in China for just 1888 Yuan ($307) which is slightly more than the currently Xiaomi Mi2S, but it also happens to be slightly larger, have a better rear camera and a more impressive Sharp screen technology plus SD card reader!

Some highlights of the phone include a 13 mega-pixel Sony rear sensor, 5 mega-pixel front camera with 88 degree lens, quad-core Snadpragon processor, 2GB RAM, SD card readers, support for most major 3G networks and a range of accessories including what appears to be a mini phone like the one which can be used with the HTC Butterfly!

Nubia Z5 Mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

nubia z5 mini hands on photos

ZTE Nubia Z5 mini Vs Xiaomi Mi2s

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Which would you buy?

If I had to buy a new phone now I would seriously consider the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini. The specifications, design and price are all very remarkable! Luckily for my wallet I’m not in a rush for a new phone and I’m happy to wait for the Xiaomi Mi3 which could cost as little as 1999 Yuan ($320)!

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  • JLCD

    Nubia Z5 Mini is Dual Sim, isn’t it?

    • Exactly my question. In the picture I shows two networks running?

      • cynicmike

        yes it is dual sim, the network bars are on top of each other not the usual side by side. i love the form factor and size of this phone. plus its from a international brand.

        • Job_CF

          Spec here and at other sites say it is single SIM. Wish it was Dual 🙁

  • oemer

    Where can i find that for that price?

  • Marius

    Not bad but I really don’t like the non-removable battery which has only a a decent capacity and the phone’s not thin either.
    The Jiayu G4 has a 3000mAh removable battery for the same phone size and it’s a bit cheaper. True this one has a better SOC but still…

  • eugen

    Official Xiaomi Mi2S 16Gb is 1699 yuan, not 1999

  • FTP

    I think its a Good Spec.
    Where can we find details on APQ806F? Like whats the GPU..
    I cannot find in SnapDragan Wiki

    • vaibhav
      • vaibhav

        MSM8960T 1.5 – 1.7 GHz Quad Krait Adreno 320 WUXGA 1080p
        World Mode (LTE FDD/TDD CAT 3,
        GSM/GPRS/EDGE, EGAL, 1x
        Adv., 1x EV-DO Rev. A/B)
        20 MP gpsOneGen 8A with
        Hexagon QDSP6
        USB 2.0 High Speed OTG
        (480Mbps) 802.11a/b/g/n* BT 3.x + HS
        BT 4.0/LE FM Rx/Tx* 28nm

        • FTP

          But i still do not have clarity.
          Reason is even QualComm i could not search out APQ806F.
          Isn’t MSM8960T is used in Xiaomi M2A and a Dual Core not Quad Core right?
          If its true this phone should be more compared with M2A and in that case M2A.

          • jesus

            It’s wrong, apq806f don’t exits, Andy would says apq8064 (snapdragon s4 pro)

  • i1fang

    all i want is dual sim. :C

  • claudio

    Hi Andi, you don’t talk of Techdy: Bears pro and Basic Bear ? Thank you!

    • No, I am not convinced they are real

      • claudio

        ok, thank you.

  • ashish

    Hi andi
    Just need your favour.. Can you tell me between Zopo 980 and I ocean X7 (both Turbo and 4gb) ,which is a better phone overall??

  • Harald

    It’s good, but where Xiaomi Mi3 🙂

  • I have pre-ordered ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini from merimobiles.com and I can’t wait! Its cool features, sleek design and the hardcore chipset makes me want to buy it right away! 😀

  • Martin

    Wrong parameters at ZTE ….. I texted with ZTE Corporation about parameters and reply this: the ZTE Nubia Z5 mini will have a 4.7 inch screen with a 720 x 1280 resolution. A quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor is under the hood. 2GB of RAM is onboard and the phone is going to sport an 8MP rear-facing camera. The dimensions are 65.7 x 134.8 x 10.3mm and the unit weighs 160g. Android 4.2.2 is pre-installed out of the box.

  • srps

    Would be interesting if someone actually did confirm the true specs of this phone, and whether there is any ROM support from ZTE or community, since I can’t even find mentions to the original Z5 which launched last year.

    I can bring either this or the Mi2S in the next few days, but so far this one hasn’t convinced me due to being too much “underground”.

  • Андрей МАЛАХОВ