Top 7 Full HD Phablets

Until a few months ago when we talked about phablet we referred to that “big phone” with big size screen, larger than usual phone. The word phablet comes from a combination of “phone” and “tablet”, to indicate the rough line when one becomes the other, not small enough to be considered a phone and to feature packed to be a tablet.

Initially it was only Samsung with the Galaxy note who catered for those wanting a larger display, but as time has gone by other manufacturers have jumped on the phablet bandwagon also. Most notably it is Chinese manufactures who have really pushed the big screen market and now many of these low-cost options rival those of the likes of Samsung and Sony!

As phone sizes keep growing, the average for most flagship models being 5-inch, phablets have had to get larger to differentiate themselves. The current line up of phablets measure from 6-inch to 6.5, and we have listed the best money can buy in the the tables below!

Top 7 Full HD Phablets

The specifications of these 7 top phablets are very similar, sometimes mating, as in case of OrientPhone Mega and Firefly v65.

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Goophone, however, with its s4 mega, confirmed its leadership in emulation of most famous brands products (in this case Samsung). What is striking is that on paper, looking at specifications, the Goophone s4 mega seem better than Samsung phablet. The Goophone s4 mega is equipped with a quad-core processor MT6589T (1.5Ghz) and with a 1080p FULLHD Display, while Samsung Galaxy Mega is equipped with a dual-core processor and an HD display 720p.

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The other 2 tablet, which lists the specifications below, are Carpad T65 and new Ulefone u650.

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For completeness I have also added the daddy of phablts! the  Sony Xperia Z Ultra! The most expensive handset here.

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Do you think that 6.5 inch limit will be reached? Rumors already talking about 6.7 inch phablet… What do you think about?

Moreover, among the 7 phablets proposed in this post, wich do you preferr and would buy comparing specifications and price?

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