Exclusive: First JiaYu G4 Advanced hands on videos GizChina.es

Exclusive: First JiaYu G4 Advanced hands on videos GizChina.es


The GizChina team from Spain have managed to get an Exclusive first hands on with the JiaYu G4 Advanced and have already posted their first impressions and hands on videos (in English). Keep reading to see the Exclusive JiaYu G4 Advanced hands on photos and videos!

The JiaYu G4 Advanced is an upgraded version of the G4 with the Turbo CPU ( MT6589T ) running at 1,5  Ghz, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage. Also the camera is a better camera than the standard version of G4 with both upgraded sensor and optics improving clarity.

JiaYu G4 Advanced Specifications

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JiaYu G4 Advanced hands on photos

We have made many photos to the phone and also we ran several benchmark tests to see how the G4 Advanced can finish them. As Andi already mentioned in his JiaYu G4 review, the finish of the product, is excellent, very  fine design and well manufactured.

The design of the phone is excellent, and all the details have been care to offer a product that can compete with other commercial models from brands like Samsung or similar. The only con that we have found is that the front buttons (menu, home and back) are not back lit so, in the dark you must remember where are they. The rest of the short experience of the phone is more than positive and makes us wait for new models from JiaYu as they look very well finished.

JiaYu G4 Hands on Videos

We have 2 videos showing the Antutu benchmark and Quadrant running in the G4 Advanced, I tried to speak my best English (so, in advance, sorry :P) :

JiaYu G4 Advanced Antutu benchmark:

JiaYu G4 Advanced Quadrant:

The results are very good, but if you haven’t time to see them, these are the results. The JiaYu G4 Advanced scores an impressive 15,585 in Antutu while Quadrant scores are 4868:

We hope that you enjoyed with the videos and if you want to check all the unboxing and the complete review in Spanish you can visit Gizchina.es

Thanks to powerplanetonline.com to make it possible sending the phone so fast

[ Source Gizchina.es ]
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  • BrianJackson

    Muchas gracias Eduardo…..muy bien.

  • BrianJackson

    The main question remains how does it compare with the Basic model?

    • Mark

      This is indeed the main question. Hopefully Eduardo has a basic to compare to. I would really like to see a side by side video comparison.

  • Fran

    ¡Por fin!

  • Qrious

    Thanks for the review. Your English is fine. So, do not worry. Just one question about the phone: does it s support OTG?

  • TerrorSpawn

    Great Review Eduardo!

  • Harald


  • francy

    Grazie per la recensione…dove si può acquistare?

  • qq

    Somehow I cant find a shop whos selling it with a 3k maH battery

    • qq

      nvm now there are

      • vasilisgs

        Do you have a link?

        • qq

          i just googled. Last week there was a g4 advanced on spemall, but they didnt have the 3000maH Version

          • Anton

            I’d also like to know that. Please tell us Eduardo.

            • Anton

              Oops, I was sure I clicked “Reply” under the question about the GPS!

  • Manos

    Thanks for the review !!! I’m waiting too long for this phone!! When it will be available for international buyers online we know?

  • Zebra

    Are the GPS issues fixed on the MT6589T?

    • Harald

      I want ² know ²

      • PandaTel

        Me too What about the GPS?

        • JohnW

          I’d like to know as well.

  • adri

    I would be very grateful if you would post some photos made with camera of Jiayu G4 Advanced in different conditions of light.
    Thx anticipated!

    • Chav


  • vijayshimla

    Now waiting for general availability of this with various dealers at competitive price..perhaps by August end..

    • Manos


    • Stef

      For basic it took one month to have general availability , it was released early may and by early June you could have it in pretty much the same prices as you do now… I think (and hope) the same will be true for the advanced version, so early August it is, hopefully not much pricier than G4 basic (at 330 it’s overpriced, once can buy xiaomi phones at that prices)…

      • Manos

        330? Is too much! Spemall has it 305$.. may its not the final price! They should have it 280 because Umi x2 has 300 but is 1080 and 5inch…

  • Rob

    Nice Phone, will have to wait to see what international price and availability are with 3000 mAh battery. Wonder how much the 720 screen improves Antutu over 1080? The battery life will certainly be better with 720

  • Freek

    Still bad GPS I guesse?

  • MSTF

    Does Jiayu G4 Basic also comes with BSI CMOS sensor?

  • Gui

    Muchas gracias Eduardo! Hablas inglés muy bien!!

    Do you know if the GPS works properly? conecting fast?

  • Shailendra Singh

    Which one is better between G4 advance / Iocean X7 Elite / Zopo 980 (2GB & 32 GB) in terms of performance and camera.

    • Manos

      The new G4 has new camera and hasn’t tested yet zopo has small battery!

  • stepan

    Hi, Andi! If you have planes to open Russian version of gizchina, like this shown Spanish version, I will gladly help to translate articles. There are huge amount fans of Chinese phones in Russia and other ex Soviet countries.

    • Yes we are working on it 🙂

  • -Carlos-

    WCDMA ?????
    GSM ?????

  • adri

    What kind of sensor has the rear camera?

  • TerrorSpawn

    I’ve heard several people ordering the Jiayu G4 Advanced (with MK6589!T! CPU) Turbo from Spemall, but they didn’t receive the Jiayu G4 Turbo. Instead they received the Jiayu G4 Advanced (with MK6589 CPU). So you’ve been warned!

    • Manos

      I have ask them and they told me that they don’t have it…! But I haven’t buy it .I think you can ask before you buy or read the news at gizchina first!

  • francy

    I bought just yesterday the turbo version of mixeshop, with shipping via dhl …
    See you when it arrives, and then I will tell you how it goes …

  • Richard

    Come on guys somebody put us out of our misery and gives a report on the GPS 🙂

  • francy
    • TerrorSpawn

      Thanks Francy!
      Hopefully you’ll keep us informed if you received the phone!

      • Richard

        Thanks Francy 🙂

    • TerrorSpawn

      The description says: MTK6589T, but the screenshot of the phone clearly says MTK6589. So I genuinely hope you’ll get the Turbo version (as they promised you).

      • Antutu always says MT6589 even for the Turbo chip. You need to look at the processor speed to be sure

        • TerrorSpawn

          Ok, my apologies. I didn’t know that…

    • francy

      Today Mixeshop told me that the phone will ship in a short time … soon as I can get my hands on will release a detailed review gizchina.it … bay

  • Mesku

    Hi Andi.
    I will soon come to China.
    Is Jiayu G4 Advanced now in stock at Official Jiayu Stores in China?
    Or where I can buy this phone in Guangzhou?
    Thanks. 🙂

  • francy

    If tomorrow afternoon mixeshop not send the phone ask for a refund, because when I made ​​the order the goods were in stock and now say they have no more …

    • TerrorSpawn

      Such a dissapointment…
      Cheers for keeping us updated though!

  • francy

    Received reimbursement from mixeshop and purchased by the seller on aliexpress (Ifeel Technology co.ltd) which for now has been very helpful on any request they have done, the phone will be shipped within two days, we hope that this time everything is fine .. .. I will keep you informed about …
    regards Francesco

  • jugg

    Beautiful appearance, small body big screen, as well as battery life is to force the play machine twenty-three hours a day, stand for three days, although the configuration is not high, but most of the basic game can run smoothly Summary: Always a very good one mobile phones, worth having