First batch of 300 Newman K2 phones will cost just $146

First batch of 300 Newman K2 phones will cost just $146


The Newman K2 is a 5.5-inch FHD phone with 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, and if you happen to live in China you could be fortunate enough to bag one for just $146!

Newman successfully make the leap from Chinese MP3 and PMP maker to respected phone maker last year with their first phone a dual-core MT6577 phone named the Newman N1. Over the past 18 months Newman have launched a number of excellent phones ranging from the quad-core Exynos powered N2 to the low-cost Newman K1.

The next phone in the Newman range to hit the market with be the first 1080 FHD Newman phone to date with the largest display measuring 5.5-inch. Newman have announced that they plan to offer a small number of K2’s (just 300 units) at a special introduction price of only 899 Yuan ($146), an astonisghinly low price for a 1080 phone of this size powered by a 1.5Ghz MT6589T chipset, 2 GB RAM and boasting a 13 mega-pixel main camera!

Newman K2 specifications

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Newman have yet to set the date, but be sure that the special sale will kick off in the next week or so with all phone selling out in a matter of moments!

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  • Jose Carlos

    Good performance, good Price, EXTREMELY BORING looks, as 90% of chines phones. Glad we have interesting-looking phones, like the Zopo C2/ZP980.

    Anyway, great Price for a beast-phone like that!

  • airyl

    I’d love to get one at that price, if only I lived in China. Hopefully it doesn’t go over $260 outside of China.

  • shikhi

    When will these Guys start shipping it out of China. There are ppl living outside China too..

  • Simon

    Go for this or wait for the N3 ?

    • Mrinal

      I thought that the Newman K series were considered as a budget series compared to their flagship N series. In that case I’d expect the N3 to pack better hardware and a higher price tag.

  • ahmed

    hey andi will u buy 1 for me and ship it to me in india plz i m dyng to gt my hnds n a chns phn plz i wl pay u the mny wth shpng so plz stl wtng fr my frst chns phn

    • Mrinal

      a e u i o. I think you’re much more in need of a keyboard that has all letters than a Chinese phone.

      • arsalan

        Hahahaha! Excellent answer.

  • Mrinal

    How is lamination a type of protection? Is is it stronger than ‘normal’ phones?

    • Adam

      No not really lamination is pretty much what most ‘normal’ phones have that want to save a few bucks. Your more likely to get a few scratches (or a few cracks if you drop it enough) than with a gorrilla glass

      • Mrinal

        Ah thanks. So there is basically no type of scratch resistance layer over the screen? Doesn’t this make the phone dangerously weak?

  • Viktor

    What is again this ‘first batch’ about?

    These factories should be able to produce thousands of phones each day… and not submitting 300 in a ‘first batch’.

    Is it approved?
    Is the price defined?
    Are all parts available?

    If yes, then start producing in masses.
    If not, then don’t even start producing…

  • Simon

    Is the 1st batch for beta testing ?

    • Not sure, Newman did something similar with the K1 also

  • jeep

    Does anyone know a good store for chinese phones like this Newman in Beijing? I looked for it, saw some Oppo but that is it. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you in regard 🙂