7-inch Mlais MX70 is it a phablet or a tablet?

7-inch Mlais MX70 is it a phablet or a tablet?


Chinese phablet specialist Malis have announced they will launch a 7-inch tablet on the 28th of July, however is the Mlais MX70 really a tablet or the largest phablet to date?

From the promotional image of the Mlais MX70 alone the device looks like a phablet. It boasts a large display, has a physical home button (most Android tablets lack this) and is obviously designed to be used in portrait mode most of the time, just like a phone/phablet.

It even supports voice calls and web surfing over 3G and 2G networks, boasts dual SIM support and has a 13 mega-pixel rear camera!

However the lines of phablet and tablet blur somewhat when taking a peek at the specifications! The display is a 7-inch 1280 x 720 IPS panel firming slotting the MX70 under the tablet genre, then there is the tablet specific, quad-core MT8389 chipset, and large 4000mAh battery!

Mlais MX70 Specifications

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Whatever the Mlais MX70 is, tablet or phablet, we do know for sure it does represent quite a bargain as the 188 x 115 x 9.4m phone will go on sale for just 999 Yuan here in China ($160).

Is the Mlais MX70 a phablet or a tablet? is 7-inch just to much for a phone? What do you think?

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  • LinuxMint

    The answer is easy enough: it comes with a crappy 16:9 aspect ratio screen.
    Therefore it must be a phone, since decent tablets have a W/H ratio of 1,6 or less 😉

    • newbie

      possible to explain this ratio thing?debating on a large (5-6.5) phone or a phablet? possible to shed some light best value one to buy (will be in china soon) and what to watch for? Just surf (call will be a plus , not must have)

  • Louisclub

    where is the line between phones and tablet? if a 7..9 inch tablet has the hability to make phone call using the phone network(has a sim card), its techically a phone right?

    • Stef

      Phone: Used one handed, Limit 4.5 inches w small bezels

      Small Tablet: Held with one hand used with the other, Limit 8 inches w small bezels

      Tablet: Held w two hands, Limit 13 inches w small bezels.

      Phablet is what lies between phone and small tablet, that you kinda can use with one hand but not really, I would say 4.5-6 inches…

      • Boddom

        Since the high-end devices of all the companies are 5″, I dont think that 5 its a phablet. In my opinion a phablet its any between 5.3 and 5.8, and a big phablet between 6 and 6.6 .

        And a Tablet with 3g, its a tablet with 3g, not a phone, whatever HUD it have….

        • Stef

          Since you have to us two hands to use them then they are that very thing. They are called phones sure, but they have all the characteristics of phablets. Something is what is, not what it is called.

          The first phablet (dell streak) was 5 inches too (and it was called a phablet), since hands dimension have not grown since, what was phablet then, it is a phablet now…

          • Louisclub

            soo its only a size difference, not a technology difference?

            phone = phone
            phablet = big phone
            tablet = bigger phone

            • Stef

              Pretty much yes. Most tablets are phones too (they have the capacity to make calls via a sim) and most phones are tablets too. To be more precise it’s the function of size to human hands.

              In a land of giants a 7 incher is a phone as it’s both luggable and easy to handle one-handed (then again we do not live in a land of giants).

  • OrientDeal

    wow, it is very like OrientPhone N7

  • Graciela Belle

    It was really hard looking for a reasonable price for this one but I got lucky to have a great deal in merimobiles.com..Was really eyeing for this Mlais MX70
    for quiet a long time now and it was really worth the wait! 🙂