7-inch Mlais MX70 is it a phablet or a tablet?

Chinese phablet specialist Malis have announced they will launch a 7-inch tablet on the 28th of July, however is the Mlais MX70 really a tablet or the largest phablet to date?

From the promotional image of the Mlais MX70 alone the device looks like a phablet. It boasts a large display, has a physical home button (most Android tablets lack this) and is obviously designed to be used in portrait mode most of the time, just like a phone/phablet.

It even supports voice calls and web surfing over 3G and 2G networks, boasts dual SIM support and has a 13 mega-pixel rear camera!

However the lines of phablet and tablet blur somewhat when taking a peek at the specifications! The display is a 7-inch 1280 x 720 IPS panel firming slotting the MX70 under the tablet genre, then there is the tablet specific, quad-core MT8389 chipset, and large 4000mAh battery!

Mlais MX70 Specifications

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Whatever the Mlais MX70 is, tablet or phablet, we do know for sure it does represent quite a bargain as the 188 x 115 x 9.4m phone will go on sale for just 999 Yuan here in China ($160).

Is the Mlais MX70 a phablet or a tablet? is 7-inch just to much for a phone? What do you think?

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