4GB RAM, Snapdragon 800 powered 1080 handset to be HASEE’s first smartphone

4GB RAM, Snapdragon 800 powered 1080 handset to be HASEE’s first smartphone


Chinese computer manufacture Hasee must be feeling the squeeze in the PC market and like others before them are looking to enter the Chinese smartphone market!

Hasee started out in 1996 manufacturing graphics cards and more recently home PC’s and laptops. However like other Chinese PC makers such as Lenovo, Hasee are looking at the Chinese phone market due to slowing sales of PC hardware.

Insiders at Hasee say that the company are currently planning to develop their first Android smartphone powered by the a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and featuring up to 4GB RAM, a 1080 display, 5 mega-pixel front camera and 13 mega-pixel rear!

If those specs weren’t enough to get your mouth watering then the suggested price will certainly get you excited! Apparently Hasee are hoping to apply their cost effective know-how to the phone and want the retail price to be around the 1799 Yuan ($293) mark!

Commenters on Sina Weibo in China are surprisingly unsupportive of the idea with many saying Hasee will fail against the might of Xiaomi! Would you like to see this Hasee super phone? We certainly do.

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  • yoavst

    i want it 😀

    • etienne

      pls let me know where and when to get it these specs at that price awsome.
      i might have some hong kong site s , but dont know if they d Retail this brand.

  • chezy86

    Yes please is this just for the Chinese markets or will they cater internationally, sounds interesting though

  • foseptikons

    is there any date for release time? and how much this phone will be for non chinese customers?

    and same question for mi3 i have to buy new phone however i have to wait mi3 then price of the mi2s reduce

    i can give just 450-475$ for mi3 but we cant buy mi2s 450$ so mi3 will be 550$ right?

    please give me advise

    • Xiaomi usually release all phones at a fixed price, which is 1999 CNY if I remember right.

      • foseptikons

        i hope but i see alibabaexpress they sold 550dolar for 32 gb so i cant buy this phone with this price because it is very high price if anyone buy it for me with 2000cny i cant give commission

      • foseptikons

        i think we dont need more ram than 2 gb after android 5.0 . Because there is some information about ram performance of android 5.0 They says even 512 mb ram will be enaugh for stable android system.

  • Anuj

    Will they really be able to put those specs under $300 mark, if yes than nothing can be more exciting than this……Hopefully would like to see some of these in Indian market soon..

  • foggyflute

    As long as it run vanilla android. Those custom rom from manufacture always give me bad taste so far, except MIUI.

  • ivo001

    Depends on battery size and phone thickness

  • ram

    The snapdragon 800 an 32bit cpu and cannot have 4GB RAM

    • LinuxMint

      … and why not?
      2^32 = 4.294.967.296
      Besides, they use virtual address extensions, so they very well can go even beyond the natural 32bit limit.

  • Airyl

    Interesting. I also wonder what happened to the Geak Mars.

  • Lexey

    well if it will have 2[ sim card and grate battery like 3500 battery i’ll order it rite away just to try it =)

    • NecroW

      Snapdragon with 2 chips… Unlikely

  • zaffar

    Let the ball rolling….

  • laon

    Since it has its own wiki page and claimed to be one of the biggest PC manufacturer this phone will probably follow suite with other chinese big brand price. Probablt around $500-700 depending the release date.

  • markotopman

    good news for lenovo, huawei, zte, sony, htc, samsung etc, just rebrand it and sell worldwide 😀

  • Job_CF

    If quality is sacrificed for the sake of low price, reputation will suffer and Hasee is doomed. Let us hope that they have some other way to reduce the price.

  • Manidip Bandyopadhyay

    This is stunning! No body would have thought of a phone so early with such specs. I though by the end of this year we will see 3 GB RAM in phones. Now it looks like mid-rangers will skip 2 GB RAM and get 3 GB. High-end ones will use 4 GB. Ha ha. How many gigs do we need?

    • ivan

      Actually, 1 GB already good to run most of the Applications, excluding heavy weight app and games with much GPU factor contribute a lot. However, I just recently realized (with 4.3 JB updates on my Galaxy Nexus which has “only” 1 GB) that most of the “laggy” app isn’t really caused by the OS or the lack of raw power provided by hardware. The 4.3’s even more buttery smooth, proofs that Galaxy Nexus’ 1 GB can do very well against most 2 GB flagship phone. The really differences is 2 GB run much better on “crappy” app with no optimization whatsoever. Most of this “crappy” apps are a raw port from other OS ***cough… iOS cough*** which is a very similar way in other analogy of a language being translated using google translate, yeah, it’s that messy or many of my friends called “lazy port”. An easy example is the old whatsapp (raw translate from iOS) to the current one (already built specifically for Android), if you experienced both versions, you will easily catch my drift. Sadly in Android’s case, most developers do this and often doesn’t bother to “translate” their app properly, thus, the overkill raw power possessed by most Android’s flagship is currently being used to run the “lazy translated” apps without significant lag. Sad but true. And yes, I’m fun at party.

  • Terrus

    This sounds like the phone I have been waiting for. The phone that can make the S4’s AnTuTu score look like chump change.

  • Hugh

    I am not a smartphone geek.What’s the difference between RAM and internal memory I would expect a smartphone to have at least 32/64GB and a SD slot for a further 64 GB storage.A 64GB internal storage card cost about $10.00 to manufacture.

    • ivan

      RAM = Memory, have nothing to do with file storage. RAM is basically used to run program, the bigger the RAM, the faster and better the performance. Most 2013 Flagship Phone has 2 GB of RAM. In short, RAM is a room space for program (and the OS itself) to run.
      Internal Memory, as many call them ROM is a file storage, here is the place where user can store most of their files: Musics, Docs, Ebooks, pictures, photos, etc. This storage is also where most of the file required for software, OS and Applications stored. The most common flagships have 16 GB of internal Storage. This size cannot be change, so you will stick with those storage (and what it is left after OS and factory’s software), usually you have 15 GB or 14 GB of free storage, after OS and manufacturer’s software.
      Last is external storage, mostly using SD Card that may vary from 16 to 64 GB. A word of advice, not all manufacture offer expandable storage using SD Card, Oppo Find 5 and HTC One are few examples of flagship without this possibility. While Samsung GS4 and Sony Xperia Z are few examples of flagship with SD Card slot availability.

      • Job_CF

        Many thanks Ivan for explaining that 🙂
        Price difference between phones of 16GB ROM and 32GB ROM is much more than that of a 16GB or even a 32GB SDcard.
        Are there any disadvantages when using an SDcard in place of internal ROM ?

        • Idontknow

          Internal storage are faster, more reliable so it’s more expensive than external storage.

  • njren

    Lost in all the drama is the unfortunate fact that Hasee laptops are utter crap. Cheap, but crap. They had their place at one time, but these days no one in China aspires to own a Hasee …and there’s no reason to since everyone else has mastered the art of manufacturing at the lowest possible cost.

  • Sceptic

    Quality First!

  • foseptikons

    i think we dont need more ram than 2 gb after android 5.0 . Because there is some information about ram performance of android 5.0 They says even 512 mb ram will be enaugh for stable android system.