• yash3339

    New logo?

  • David

    It’s not the Zopo Zp990 ? they are the same

    • Konged

      There seemed to be a twin release by Zopo.

      The C3, C2 Platinum is very like the 980. Ecept 980 Ultimate has more RAM and in built storage and C3 has pink.

      With the C7 likely to have 2 GB RAM version, I also wondered what difference? umm

      I think this C7 or 990 the pressure is put on the Huawei Ascend Mate. As that is now looking really tired and overpriced.

  • Yi-Long

    Does it have NFC!?

  • Filipe Gonçalves

    So many time wating for this model…and today i read some where in the internet that the GPS dont work..forget ZOPO…