GooPhone X1+ is the world’s first 3 SIM Android phone!

Chinese phone maker GooPhone have just launched the GooPhone X1+, the world’s first Android smartphone with 3 SIM card support!

Chinese phone customers have always been lucky with the number of dual-SIM smartphones available in the market. There are literally hundreds of Chinese made dual-sim phones and even larger phone makers such as Samsung have launched China only editions of popular phones which can take have a SIM for business and another for pleasure.

GooPhone have decided to take things a step further though and have launched a smartphone which packs 3 SIM card slots in to a single phone! Photos of the GooPhone X1+ have been posted on various Chinese news sites the showing both the phone with the rear removed and 3 SIM slot positions and also from the front showing 3 signal strength bars.

goophone x1+ 3 sim phone hero

According to sources the X1+ will go on sale in China and emerging markets from later this month (August) and is powered by a Mediatek lower energy processor running at 1.2Ghz with 1GB RAM and 4GB Memory.

Pricing has been listed on some sites as low as $150.

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