Meizu MX3 launch invitations arrive with wooden mockup

Meizu have sent out classy invitations for the launch of the Meizu MX3 at the Watercube in Beijing complete with a wooden mock-up of the new phone.

Last year for the MX2 launch Meizu made the special effort of printing invitations on a piece of glass the same size of the phones display, this year a whole mockup carved from wood has arrived in the post!

meizu mx3 wooden mockup

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Comparing the wooden MX3 to the current MX2 shows that the overall style of the phone has remained the same but slightly bigger to accommodate the larger display. The dummy phone shows us that the Meizu smart bar is being used for navigation once again, some of the sensor have moved to new positions and on the rear we get to see NFC will be supported.

Screen size of the MX3 looks to be around 5-inch with the phone coming in at a similar size to the Sony Xperia Z.

The Meizu MX3 will launch on 2nd September at the Watercube in Beijing!

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  1. Simon
    August 19, 2013

    I think Meizu is a very popular brand with Russians. I think they recently opened up a Meizu Store in Moscow. Hopefully it will be a huge success.

    A good comparison would be between both the upcoming Meizu MX3 & the Xiaomi Mi3.

    • August 19, 2013

      I can tell you now that the Meizu will feel more like a ‘premium’ phone, but the Xiaomi will be actually useable 😉

      • Airyl
        August 19, 2013

        I really feel inclined to agree with Andi, although I think I’ll reserve my judgement till we get reviews of the phone. It’s sad because if only they had a more stable rom, like stock or Lewa, they would be amazing phones. On a side note, the JiaYu G4 and THL W11 (which I’m writing a review on soon) are probably 2 of the best built and designed MTK phones I’ve ever held, and they can compete with Meizu on build quality.

        • August 19, 2013

          Heard a lot of good stories about the JiaYu G4. Would probably getting one for myself in the coming few days.
          Airyl, do you own a Meizu as well? I’d be interested on your take on G4 vs MX2.

          • Airyl
            August 20, 2013

            I don’t exactly have a Meizu phone, but I have handled a Meizu MX 4-core and MX2 before, as well as a G4. I can say that the G4 is not exactly better than the Meizu MX2, but it comes real close.

  2. Nick salazar
    August 19, 2013

    Hi I’m looking to buy an alternative phone for the us that will work on Verizon I was looking at the mx2 but should I just wait and buy the mx3? Will the difference really be that substantial aside from the cosmetic changes possibly?

  3. August 19, 2013

    One thing international manufacturers can learn from Chinese ones is packaging.
    First, the UMI X1 impressed me. Then I came to know of it being a rip-off of the MX2. Then, the Find 5. And now look at these (although it’s not the packaging itself)

    • Airyl
      August 20, 2013

      +1 here. Samsung’s new packaging looks bad next to the Find 5’s. Lenovo could also learn something from them.