Neo N003 to get NFC update?

Neo N003 to get NFC update?


Neo might be planning to roll an update to the Neo N003, by adding NFC support to the top of the range Advanced version.

The Neo N003 took an age to get to market but when if finally did it managed to be one of a very few number of phone which has almost every feature hardcore phone fans could dream of. 5-inch 1080 display, OTG, MHL, laminated screen, 13 mega-pixel camera and more, the only missing feature is an NFC chip.

NFC technology has been gaining popularity in China over the past few months. The Xiaomi Mi2A has it, as does the Vivo Xplay, FAEA F1, F2 and now possibly even the Neo N003!

neo n003 nfc

These screenshots are from the an advanced version of the N003 running 2GB RAM and 32GB memory, plus NFC. We have had a good look at our Neo review phone and have concluded that either a thicker rear cover would be needed to install NFC or a thinner battery. We will have to wait and see what Neo have planned.

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    Don’t bother, you have already lost 2,5 months to add turbo chip. I can’t loose 2 months more to just see NFC.

    Just deliver advanced version immedately.

  • Espresso

    Hey, it wouldn’t take a design change of the housing.

    They just cram the NFC Chip on the housing and attach (sticker) or integrate the NFC antenna in the back cover. It shouldn’t be necessary to make the phone thicker.

  • Agreed with Espresso.

    On second thoughts, I’m now feeling great about not ordering the phone yet due to the soaring USD conversion rates in my country.

    BTW Andi, when can we expect to see the review? 😀

  • boardaaa

    haha! look at the video ,what Espresso said just like a joke!

  • Maltos

    I want NFC in Neo N003; I wait for him.

  • fabrizio

    Not exist confirmed by NEO

  • Shaunuss

    Sounds lame, I just want the phone already. This year, preferably.

  • Raymond

    Buyers, beware that the Bluetooth version on the phone is archaic at 2.1 (w/ EDR though)! Most other vendors offer MTK6589T phones with BT4.0. I would commend the Neo N003 for sporting MHL as well as OTG. That’s something not normally found with other vendors.

    Wonder why they would take a step back with the Bluetooth. Can anyone confirm if the BT stack is bundled with MTK6589T? If so, this may very well be a typo in the specs listed!

  • felipe

    If Neo N003 was octacore and had NFC i woult be the best phone ever…