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Red Bull Formula 1

Red Bull Formula 1, one of the trending teams on Formula 1, has just signed a deal described as one of the most lucrative annual …

While most of us were waiting to see the really interesting Xiaomi Pocophone flagship-killer get officially launched on August 22nd. Online news website Android Authority apparently …

Cubot Valentine's Day

Apparently, Chinese phone maker Cubot really cares about your relationship status and wants it to keep going great as they’ve already launched a very early …

cubot smart band

As some of you may already know, Cubot have somewhat widened their portfolio of products from only smartphones to wearables starting in 2016. Up until …

Cubot F1

Since the arrive of “smart watches” in the wearable market, we’ve seen them grow into two different segments: fashion and fitness. Now, Cubot tries to …

Cubot F1

After some hinting couple weeks back, Cubot have finally launched the Cubot F1; the latest wearable device coming from this well known smartphone company. To …

Cubot F1

Cubot is really working hard on their outdoor gadgets this year. Not that far back they released the Cubot S1 smartband and soon we’ll see …

Ulefone F1 Ulefone MIX

Ulefone just released some details regarding a new stunning tri-bezel-less phone. They’re going to call it Ulefone F1 and it’ll feature a Mi Mix style bezel less design.

jiayu g5s review

JiaYu phones are all set to get easier to avail in India via a reseller based in the country.

The updated Vivo X3S is heading to the market very soon and at just 5.75mm thin the mid-ranger will be the worlds thinnest octacore phone on the market.

Say what you will about the iPhone, but it does manage to have one of the better cameras out there and is set to get even better if these latest iPhone 6 rumours are true.

If you thought that the octacore CoolPad F1 was a bargain at just 888 Yuan, just take a look at what Infoucs have planned with the 799 Yuan M320m.

The current price wars in China are forcing smartphone makers to drop prices lower than ever while raising the bar on quality and performance. The Coolpad Halo F1 is one such phone which boasts an octacore processor at less than $150!

While we at GizChina have been drooling over the prospect of a $50 phone from JiaYu, the F1, another prominent maker has allegedly shown similar intent.

Think Xiaomi are the only ones able to sell out stock of their latest phones in a few seconds? Think again as Coolpad managed to ship 50,000 phones in only 18 seconds!

JiaYu have finally revealed full details and specifications of the new budget JiaYu F1 smartphone which costs an amazing $50!

Xiaomi’s Hongmi might be one of the better value phones on the market but even that $130 phone is starting to look pricey when compared to the JiaYu F1, but Xiaomi aren’t giving up yet and are believed to be working on a $50 phone!

Seems like the ongoing hooplah around the CES has not affected the entry-level Chinese market, with another low-cost quad core launch.

Full specifications of the JiaYu F1 entry-level dual-core smartphone have been released over on the JiaYu forums at

At CoolPad’s launch event today the popular phone maker launched the worlds largest Android phone, the huge 7-inch Coolpad Great God!