Cubot F1 Coming Soon – The Smartwatch for the Pragmatist?

Cubot F1

Cubot is really working hard on their outdoor gadgets this year. Not that far back they released the Cubot S1 smartband and soon we’ll see the tri-proof Cubot King Kong smartphone. Well, apparently we have a new outdoor device joining it, it’s the upcoming Cubot F1 smartwatch.

The Cubot F1 comes with a deep black metal frame, which has been polished to give it a more premium look. On the display side we find a beautiful 1.2-inch FSIN screen that will be very visible even in the brightest sunlight.

We then have a built-in six-axis sensor and smart chip to achieve “multi-dimensional” sports data monitoring. With an accurate measurement of the heart rate, accurate data logging and intelligent recognition of the sport you’re doing, you don’t need a chest trap for that anymore. The continuous real-time automatic monitoring of the heart rate is also accessible later on the app.

The Cubot F1 is IP67 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sweating or rain falling on it; it’s definitely a good choice for sport lovers. Other functions include SMS notifications, alarm clock reminder and social networking site message notifications.

Another neat feature on the F1 is its built-in countdown, this should help you become more precise in your workouts, for example you can set up the time between a set and the next. The Cubot F1 can also vibrate to remind you, so it can be used in noisy environments and in quiet ones without bothering other people. The F1 will give you a more gentle reminder than what you usually get on other devices.

Cubot also shared the design philosophy behind the Cubot F1:

The Cubot F1 is going back to the nature, it has simple but pragmatic functions with the classic premium design and material. It makes your life better and more simple, but it won’t change your real life.

The smart watch is no longer toys, it has become the real new assistant to our life. Cubot F1, making the technology closer to your life.Cubot

The Cubot F1 smartwatch isn’t out yet so you can’t buy one. Instead check out the previously launched Cubot S1 smartband over at Gearbest. For more details pay attention to Cubot’s official website.

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