Jiayu smartphones to be available in India, albeit via a 3rd party channel

jiayu g5s review

JiaYu smartphones are known for their above-par build besides affordability, and Chinese smartphone enthusiasts from all around the world have appreciated phones from the maker.

JiaYu still remain to be a small company that focuses on product quality more than anything else, which means most buyers still have to have their JiaYu phone shipped from China. However, there have been a few attempts at making these devices available in other markets. In fact, JiaYu even started a program to invite entrepreneurs from around the world to partner with them.

JiaYu India (not affiliated to JiaYu) plan to do something similar; the India based vendor aims to allow potential buyers in the country avail JiaYu phones without having to worry about international shipment, customs duty, etc. In fact, they would also be taking orders against cash on delivery, a model that remains to be popular in India.

The vendor is also running a discount, so if you’re a resident of India, and are interested in JiaYu phones, do check out JiaYuIndia.com. Those with questions can visit the FAQ section on the website.

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