JiaYu F1 announced for just $50! Full specifications

JiaYu F1 announced for just $50! Full specifications


JiaYu have finally revealed full details and specifications of the new budget JiaYu F1 smartphone which costs an amazing $50!

JiaYu are no strangers to producing affordable quality smartphones. The JiaYu G2 range has been around for a few years and the recently released JiaYu G2F is one of the nicest entry-level phones we have ever seen. But with a market as volatile as the Chinese phone market, JiaYu have have to raise the bar by dropping prices further than every before.

The result is the fantastically priced JiaYu F1 which will go on sale in China for just 299 Yuan (roughly $50)!

jiayu f1

We have only seen images of the F1, but what we can tell is that the phone is a no fuss model similar in design to the G2F (which is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi2).

Specification highlights include a dual-core 1.3Ghz MT6572 processor, 512mb RAM, 4GB built-in memory, 5 mega-pixel main camera (interpolated to 8 mega-pixels), and runs Aliyun OS based on Android.

jiayu f1 antutu

The first batch of JiaYu F1 phones will launch with dual SIM and support for GSM and 3G TD-SCDMA networks (only suitable for China), but they have also announced a WCDMA 3G version is in development for international markets!

JiaYu F1 Specifications

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The first lot of JiaYu F1 phones will officially go on sale in China before the Chinese Spring Festival, so before around the end of January!

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  • gerg

    1gb ram please jiayu!!!!!!!!!!

  • $3003525

    2400 battery for a very low end phone is very very good

    • werewolfc

      funny isn’t it?!!?

      There are middle tier smartphones with better specs and with lower batteries
      life’s a *itch !

  • sam

    If this gets a firmware update to android 4.4 then it will be a very tasty phone.

    • Allanitomwesh

      Which i’m assuming is JiaYu’s plan,once mediatek make it possible.

  • Andy

    With 1gb ram, this would be perfect

    • Allanitomwesh

      Enough already,just be glad it doesn’t have 256mb.It is 50 dollars for christs sake.

      • Stef

        It’s 50 dollars more than it should be. Have you tried to use a 512mb android phone? If you’re not to develop a mental case by the end of the day, due to the force closes when you try to do anything remotely demanding (like -say- browsing fb), you’d really have nerves made of steel.

        Point is 1gb should be the minimum in the post ICS era. So yea this is an expensive phone given what it gives you (a paperweight), by comparison the $80 g2f is much cheaper since it is actually usable…

        • sam

          android 4.4 has been designed to be better on android 4.4. If Jiayu upgrades to 4.4 then this phone will be fine.

          • Stef

            Not to my experience. Jelly bean is mostly lighter, 512 mb is too little for anything other than the bare minimum (phoning/texting mostly, exactly as with feature phones). Kitkat *with* art is a tiny bit snappier though, I’d give you that but nothing earth shattering. If you have 50 give 30 more and buy sth usable, I’ve already grew tired trying to make my 512 mb devices work with kitkat (hint, they mostly don’t)

            • pichichi

              I still use my Samsung Galaxy S with 512MB on daily base, no problems here (CM11)

            • Stef

              Have you tried doing anything -oh I don’t know- verging to demanding? Like browsing a website with many images, browsing Facebook, playing a game, because my i9000 kills itself when I try to do any of those so I have to tread veeery lightly, don’t take me wrong but that’s not the kind of experience that I think when I’m thinking of *smart*phones.

              I mean S1s are great devices but their hayday is passed and we’d better not reproduce their specs in this day and age because many people would be dissapointed by their smartphone not actually being very smart…

            • Allanitomwesh

              Are you even listening to yourself? So you want 1GB RAM for free?[Quote:”It’s 50 dollars more than it should be.”] And you want a powerhouse for that price?[$0] Let me guess? Quadcore, 1GB RAM,32gb storage etc etc? This is a goddamn entry level smartphone,and what that means is it is supposed to be faster than candy bar dumb-phones,running symbian,or worse,for the same price. For comparison, NOKIA ASHA 501 – 240×320 pixels ,64MB RAM,1200mAh,3MP,no front camera,Symbian S40[note there's S60,Belle,Meego after S40,which is really really old] – $99.So tell me again how this is a bad phone? You can’t stand 512MB RAM? Good,keep it to yourself,you are not a gold standard.Some people can’t afford,don’t want to spend,that extra $30 for a phone,and 512MB RAM,dual core,is plenty to open the phone and messaging apps because lo and behold,some people buy phones to use them as such.

            • Stef

              Asha is not running android. What I was trying to demonstrate is (that) android systems are ram hungry and while you can be cheap in everything concerning them and still have a completely functional device you cannot be cheap about ram. Android is a very bad OS when it has to deal with low ram situations, multi-seconds pauses, it kills the IME mid-input, it even force closes apps letting you lose your progress in the process.

              By saying it should cost $0 I meant it sould not be sold at all, it’s not worth anyone’s money, me thinks. It’s not even an entry level if it runs Jelly Bean, it’s below that, g2f is entry level…. If you want a phone to message and phone people I would recommend a feature phone, they’re better and their battery lasts longer, it’s not as if 512mb of ram would allow you to do much more than what a feature phone does anyway…

            • Allanitomwesh

              This is false,as my recently decommissioned Xperia Ray worked fine,for an old single core 512RAM and ICS no less. Again,I also would like to point out the Huawei Ascend Y210,with 256MB RAM also for $99,that also works fine for light usage [Whatsapp,twitter,gmail] that my mum is using with no complaints. Nobody is trying to play Dead Trigger with these phones,which is my point. Now looking at the JiaYu,it seems a better deal to me than a Samsung Chat,that lacks even basic whatsapp support. I’m glad you pointed out Asha isn’t running android,as i’m sure you are aware how much symbian is lacking compared to it. In a market with a lot of choice of shitty phones,this one isn’t all that terrible.

            • Stef

              Μy point was/is not that it is horrble but -mostly- by giving $30 more you get sth infinitely better by the same company/build quality no less. Twice the RAM means the world to Android if it means the move from 512mb and 1gb.

              As for my/your Asha comment I meant to say that Symbian is a lightweight OS which on one hand can do a lot less than Android but on the other this is exactly why 512MB is more than enough, for a full OS like Android 512MB castrates and makes it frustrating to use. I’m not even talking about games, browsing facebook for long enough is going to give you long pauses and if your are unlucky force-closes. Normal browsing forget it, and of course forget heavy gaming, or anything complex enough done with Tasker. This is unacceptable when you can give a measly $30 more and have none of the sort.

              In short this phone is rubbish *only* compared to the $80 that G2f costs, not when compared with everything else in this price-range. Which brings me back to my inital argument, why would anyone buy this phone when it’s closely priced as an infinitely better one?

            • Allanitomwesh

              Because it is cheaper,and to some people,$30 is a huge huge figure. I know,I live in a country where some people are paid that $99 at the end of the month. Try tell him to spend it all on a phone…Again,why would you set up Tasker on a $50 phone?Wouldn’t it even refuse to download on play store due to compatibility? Going off to sideload things never meant for your device is why you are force closing.

            • Stef

              I didn’t side-load it, I legally bought it and use it in many devices. The force closes are the ones I get by normal means too, having skype running on the background, browsing facebook, browsing image heavy websites, chatting for long enough. You know things that smartphones are *supposed* to do.

              That’s why I call 512mb equipped androids as feature phones, as they can do only half of what they’re supposed to do. And if giving $30 more is too much, then why doesn’t one give $20, buy a feature phone and be done with it? A 512mb android is close to useless regarding its “smart” functions anyway, it’s a feature phone, and $50 is way too much for a feature phone in this day and age.

            • Allanitomwesh

              Even budget customers want a touch screen.I know people willing to pay the extra to just get a touchscreen “like everybody else” ,maybe install Opera Mini and Whatsapp and that’s it. Won’t even setup a Google account if they come preloaded. That is the kind of person this phone is targeting and I can assure you,even with your despise for it,it’ll sell well. And like I said using a phone to it’s limits it’ll be slow. 256MB ram is super speedy for my mum,she just makes calls. Even 1Gb RAM can be attacked to the point of lag,and it has been done. Screaming,”more RAM” won’t improve your user experience,you’ll just attack the ram even more and pretty soon even the 2GB will be choppy. That’s how system memory works. Even the almighty iPhone can be strained,as ios7 users have discovered on the older devices. So don’t hate on a good thing,JiaYu have made a good product. The battery capacity alone makes it worth buying.

            • Stef

              1gb is great for basic use, I was never out of memory. 512? All the time. As for your mum since all she wants is to take calls then why doesn’t she find an old Nokia?. I mean no disrespect but those phones were built like tanks were tiny and had battery that lasted for ages. It seems to me an old Nokia phone is better for your mum and most casual users. For the rest 512mb won’t be enough even for Facebook; opera mini? sure, that’s why I call low end droids “feature phones”, they only run a handful apps at most and in the near future (as they get “heavier”) not even them.

              Before 1gig arrived I seriously thought android as a pathetic os, 1gb is its minimum requirement and Google should say as such and deny play store access to those with less ram.

            • Allanitomwesh

              Minimum RAM requirement is 128GB on Android,it’ll work on that.Anyway,my mum does have an old nokia,which she “upgraded” for several reasons,all of which do not require more than 512MB RAM anyway,like “my office now has wifi” and “I like this phone it has youtube and the screen is clear” She’s never spends more than $100 on a phone,even then,she must really really need the new phone,like she dropped the other one in a sewer or something. She’s really enjoying free texts over wifi and 3G with whatsapp,and the browser,much better than an old nokia. That’s pretty much all she does. So yeah,I’ll get her an F1,or maybe the G2F,or heck,maybe even the coolpad F1,but the extra performance over the Jiayu f1would be wasted. Would you buy a 12 core Xeon workstation to type word documents? This is my point.

        • Android User

          I got a 512Mb smartphone with ICS and an awful monocore mtk6575 and it runs very well for the main things like browsing webs, forums, twitter, WA, FB. The problem comes when playing some games like Real Racing 3, it lags but i thought it wasnt going to run it, but it does.

  • sudione

    1GB RAM+WCDMA 900MHz and this would be dreamphone!;)

  • batman

    Hope chinese sellers to give it at a normal price

  • far

    1gb version and this will be perfect!