Huawei Glory 3 details, gets waterproof coating for $308

Huawei Glory 3 details, gets waterproof coating for $308


Huawei are getting ready to launch the Huawei Glory 3 today in Beijing at a lower than expected price and with the added bonus of water-resistant coating.

No matter how you look at the new Huawei Glory 3, there is no denying that this is the phone Huawei hopes will take on Xiaomi and their amazing priced devices. The design of the phone (especially from the rear) looks like the Xiaomi Mi2S, and the specification is very similar.

huawei glory 3

In fact looking over the hardware in the Glory 3 you could look at this phone as a possible evolution of the Xiaomi Mi2S (if we didn’t already know the Xiaomi Mi3 was on the way).

So what does the Xiaomi Huawei Glory 3 have to offer? Well the display is a 4.7-inch unit with a 1280 x 720 resolution, Huawei supply the 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, there is 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and a 2230mAh battery.

huawei glory 3 waterproof

Nothing here really screams ‘buy me’ but the Glory 3 does pack a couple of very nice features which are great to see on a phone of this price. Huawei have made the Glory 3 waterproof which could be enough reason for some to buy it, and it will also sport an IR sensor for controlling a number of other devices.

The Glory 3 will go on sale in China later this month for 1888 Yuan ($308) and Chinese customers will be able to buy if through most large electronics retail stores.

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  • Job_CF

    Why would anyone want to put their phone in a bucket full of water?!
    Anyways, lower prices from quality manufacturers is always welcome!

    • Mohan

      Nobody wants, by accident it may happen,

  • KU DE TA

    Someone would kindly explain me what this IR sensor is good for, thanks.

    • Jevus

      for changing the channel on old tv?

      • andres

        there are a lot of device with IR receptor, smart tv, A/A, audio amplifier, lot of them!!!! you only need download the appropiate app from (sony control remote for example) very usefull

  • Ahmed

    Hi all, is single sim or dual?

    • hoon

      please let it be dual… plssssssssssss

    • ludo

      Single Sim,micro sim

  • srps

    The SoC used to be one of the weak points of the latest Huawei flagship phones, it’s slower than the APQ8064 and it isn’t getting younger these days.

    The Mediatek SoCs are creeping up on this one, so Huawei would better be careful.

  • junior_poa

    One use is for cycling. No more bags to protect my smartphone.

  • Simon

    Would you buy this phone over the Ascend P6 for example ?